Apple launches a MacBook Air with M2 and giant screen of 15 inches at 1599 €

On the occasion of WWDC, Apple completes its range of MacBooks with a new model: the 15-inch MacBook Air. Featuring the largest screen built into a MacBook Air, this laptop has many features of the 13-inch MacBook Air, including the processor, a “simple” M2. This new MacBook Air will be offered in June at a starting price of 1599 euros.

Apple held its major annual conference dedicated to developers, the famous WWDC, tonight. A conference previously concerned the operating systems of the firm in priority. But Apple generally takes the opportunity to present new products. Starting with Macs, of course. three computers were presented this year: the Mac Studio, the gargantuan Mac Pro, the first version to make the transition to an Apple Silicon SoC, and finally a MacBook.

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This MacBook is a bit special. It is not the refresh of an existing model. And fortunately. For a year now, Apple has largely updated its line of laptops with M2 processors. It started with the 13-inch MacBook Air we tested. This continued with the MacBook Pros, the latest models of which rolled out earlier this year. And Apple continues today with the rumored 15-inch MacBook Air M2. A unique product in the firm’s catalog.

apple macbook air m2 15 inch

The first MacBook Air with a 15-inch screen

Indeed, this is the first time that Apple has unveiled a 15-inch model of its “affordable” laptop. Until now, the MacBook Air had a 13-inch screen. So there is now a second size: 15.3 inches exactly. This is a Liquid Retina screen: understand that it is an IPS LCD screen with a definition of 2560 x 1664 pixels. This panel is DCI-P3 compatible. And the brightness reaches, according to Apple, 500nits. Note, as for the 13-inch model, that the screen incorporates a notch with a Full HD webcam.

apple macbook air m2 15 inch

On the design side, you will find the lines very inspired by the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro. They were introduced in the Air range with the MacBook Air M2 from 2022. The chassis is made of aluminum. There is no opening for active heat dissipation, since the M2 produces very little heat. There is 6 speakers, including two for bass. This system is obviously compatible Spatial Audio And Dolby Atmos. Inside, you also find a large battery that promises 18 hours of continuous use (unspecified on what use).

apple macbook air m2 15 inch

The 15-inch MacBook Air M2 is sold from 1599 euros

A bigger screen is a sign of more area to display apps, but that’s definitely going to impact portability. And this even if this computer measures only 11.5mm when it is closed and weighs less than 1.5 kilograms. The keyboard is a MagicKeyboard, of course, with backlighting of the keys. In the upper corner, you find Touch-ID for biometric protection. On the slices, no surprise either: two Thunderbolt ports / USB-C, a 3.5 mm jack port And a Magsafe port for charging (but you can also charge with a USB port).

apple macbook air m2 15 inch

The 15-inch MacBook Air M2 is up for pre-order starting today and will be available next week. There are several configurations: up to 24 GB of unified memory and up to 2 TB of storage. Price starts at 1599 euro.

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