Apple Podcasts is not as good as the company wants us to believe

Did you know that Apple has its own application to listen to Podcast ?. You probably knew it and probably if you are one of those who listen to this type of aural entertainment, do not use the Apple application. Reviews of it have always been pretty low. To the point that the company had to renew it and make improvements, but still users do not have good opinions of it. However, for less than a month, it seems that the reviews have changed, but make no mistake, the app has not improved.

When you download an application from the App Store, you can rate it, scoring up to five stars (from one) and leaving a comment. This helps developers to improve the application itself or indicates that they are on the right track. But it is also useful for users who are looking for similar applications and are guided by the opinions of others. Apple’s Podcasts app had 1.8 stars. Not good at all. However, for less than a month, it has received a 4.6 star rating. But that is not all, It has gone from having about 1000 reviews to having more than 18,000. Why?

The reason apparently is because when a user listens to a Podcasts through this app, they get a warning to rate what they have heard. Logically, they are almost always positive votes because it is the user who has chosen what to listen to. If I like Queen and I choose Queen, I will appreciate what I have heard, because the same thing happens. These evaluations seem to be being displayed in the app’s evaluations. So it may be that inadvertently or willingly, it is not known, the American company is inflating the valuations of an application that leaves much to be desired.

It seems that this does not happen when using other applications to listen to Podcasts. All very weird, right?

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