Apple to premiere new comedy series Shrinking

New shrinking series

We continue with the premieres of Apple TV +. It wants to become, as I have said on several occasions, a benchmark in terms of streaming audiovisual entertainment. It is true that previous forecasts place it far from the figures of its rivals such as Netflix, HBO or Disney. However, I think Apple focuses on an element that we sometimes forget: quality. For this reason he has acquired a series that has all the signs of being a success because of who acts and who writes it. Shrinking may be the new Ted Lasso.

Apple TV + has initiated what is the third partnership with Bill Lawrence. Following the worldwide success of Ted Lasso, Apple announced that Lawrence would produce an adaptation of Bad Monkey starring Vince Vaughn. Now he is taking it along with another of Ted Lasso’s screenwriters. Brett Goldstein and Bill will help the new 10-episode comedy series called “Shrinking,” starring Jason Segel (as I knew your mother), became a hit.

In this new series, Shrinking, Segel will play a therapist who breaks the rules and tells your customers exactly what you think, with the chaos that this produces in each and every one of those people. By the way Segel will also appear in the upcoming Apple TV + movie “The Sky is Everywhere.”

The three people we have talked about in this article, Segel, Lawrence and Goldstein, will be executive producers of this new series. From which We still do not have a start date for filming, much less a premiere. But we are sure that with this association, as we said, success is more than assured. We refer to the tests with Ted Lasso and the multitude of awards that he has won for the Apple TV + showcases.

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