Apple Watch Series 7 bets on a bigger screen

Apple has unveiled the Apple Series 7, its new connected watch with the particularity of sporting a new design, with a larger screen.

Each year, Apple strives to launch a new Apple Watch with more or less significant new features. In 2020, the Apple Watch Series 6 hadn’t shaken up a proven formula at all. During its back-to-school keynote titled ‘California Streaming’, the Cupertino company undoubtedly presents its most revolutionary watch since the Apple Watch Series 4 (in 2018). And, of course, it all starts with design.

Unlike the iPhone 13 range, which would be based on the same aesthetic codes as the previous one, the Apple Watch Series 7 is getting a makeover. Which makes sense when you look at the history of the product, used to keeping the same look for three successive generations (Apple Watch / Series 2 / Series 3 then Series 4 / Series 5 / Series 6). Apple has copiously reduced the edges to increase the screen size (which is 70% brighter in always-on mode, and much more resistant with an IP6X certification). We are still promised 50% more text displayed.

Apple Watch 7 // Source: YouTube / Apple

Apple Watch changes design for the second time

This new design, which does not have any flatter edges, of the Apple Watch Series 7 allows the watch to gain a bit of display area – thanks to these thinner edges and a larger dial (we go from 40/44 to 41/45 millimeters). We gain in readability on a small screen still benefiting from the always-on technology (it never turns off, but darkens to preserve autonomy). Of course, if the Apple Watch Series 7 changes its design, it will remain compatible with all bracelets marketed since the very first generation.

The Apple Watch Series 7 obviously has a new processor for ever increasing performance. In terms of autonomy, a field on which the smartwatch is still lagging behind, Apple continues to promise a full day of use (up to 18 hours). It is on recharging that we note an improvement: 33% faster than on the Series 6.

Apple Watch 7 // Source: YouTube / Apple
Source: YouTube / Apple
Source: YouTube / Apple

The Apple Watch Series 4 had received an integrated ECG while the Apple Watch Series 6 offered the possibility of calculating its blood oxygen level. In 2021, Apple will not add any health-related functionality while other sensors could be offered (blood pressure, temperature, blood sugar). We will probably have to wait for future watches to see them arrive.

When can we buy the Apple Watch Series 7?

The Apple Watch Series 7 will be available this fall, starting at $ 399 (for the aluminum finish). A new dark green color has appeared.

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