Apple’s augmented reality kit promises to be a technological marvel, but at what price?

We have been talking about Apple’s augmented reality kit for some time, a device that could become one of the most important products of the apple company, both because of the possibilities it would open up in terms of monetization and content and because of its technical characteristics, since that according to the most recent rumors he would have everything to establish himself as “a technological marvel”

Apple’s augmented reality kit has been in development for several yearsso it is clear that it is very likely that it has gone through different stages and that several prototypes and various hardware configurations have been discarded in them until reaching the final one, which should already be perfectly outlined since the entry into production of this new virtual reality kit is expected to March 2023.

It is important to remember that the development of Apple Silicon would have been fundamental, since it will allow the apple giant use your own SoC in this new device, and this will allow you to maintain a fully controlled and unified development ecosystem. You will also be able to control the evolution and release of future revisions of your AR kit without relying on third parties, at least as far as the SoC is concerned.

So what can we expect at the hardware level? Well, everything seems to indicate that we will see a high-performance chip that could be at the level of the Apple M2, always taking into account the limitations that the Cupertino company should have to assume. for reasons of space and heat generation. By this I mean that its raw power would be limited by those two keys, but that in the end it would not give up any of the key technologies that we saw in the M2.

In addition to an M2 chip, customized and adapted to the particularities of Apple’s augmented reality kit, it is said that the company led by Tim Cook will assemble a total of 16 GB of unified memory to be used as both RAM and VRAM, and that will be accompanied by a high-performance storage solution. Obviously, it will also have a multitude of high-resolution cameras to create a first-rate augmented reality and mixed reality experience, and it will have two high-resolution OLED screens.

The price will be high, but to what extent? At the moment the most reliable information places the first Apple augmented reality kit between 2,000 and 3,000 dollars. If this is true, there is no doubt that we will be facing one of the most expensive augmented reality kits, although it also has everything to become one of the most powerful. Pegatron will be one of the main producers of this new device, although its initial print run could be quite limited, since there is talk of between 700,000 and 800,000 units.

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