Apple’s new MagSafe battery: late, but okay

MagSafe Battery Pack

When Apple introduced the new iPhone 12 last year, it also showed the benefits that the new MagSafe connector that they would integrate would offer. This was not only going to serve to improve wireless charging in terms of comfort when placing the phone in bases compatible with the magnetic connection, it would also give a lot of play in the face of possible accessories such as those wallets that we all already know.

Even so, as soon as the event ended, many of us were surprised that they had not taken something that seemed obvious: an external and portable battery with said magnetic connector. A solution that could be very interesting for all models in general, but especially for those with smaller batteries such as the iPhone 12 mini. But it did not arrive and not only that it crashed, after a few months other brands managed to come up with proposals of this type while Apple seemed not to be interested in launching an accessory that could be sold as churros.

Now, we finally have the MagSafe Battery Pack. An external and official Apple battery that looks like this quickly looks a bit like the back of the iPod Classic. With this battery iPhone users with MagSafe, although it could also be used with those compatible with wireless charging and take advantage of the attachment by magnets if you use a sticker such as those that already exist to have “MagSafe”, may have an extra battery. And best of all, future iPhones would also continue to be compatible.

As indicated by Apple itself, connecting this MagSafe battery is very easy. For him compact design and the integration it will offerAs with the previous ones or other recent accessories, all you have to do is move it closer so that it is perfectly fixed and begins to manage the load in an intelligent, safe and reliable way. In addition, they confirm that there will be no interference problems with credit cards or key fobs.

In addition, the new battery also served as wireless charging dock on the desk. You can connect a Lightning cable (Seriously Apple, why not USB C?) Connected in turn to a 20W charger that will allow charging the battery itself while the phone is charged to a maximum power of up to 15 W. Regarding autonomy, without the official data from Apple, everything seems to indicate that it will offer about 2,900 mAh through the use of two batteries of approximately 1450 mAh that work as one.

Price and availability

Regarding the price of the new MagSafe Battery Pack, it will cost 109 euros. Although to be able to use it it will be nIt is necessary to have version 14.7 of iOS. An update that is not yet available, but should not take much longer than next week. Because the batteries will begin shipping on July 19.

So now you know, if you were loving it with your iPhone 12 mini, but you needed more autonomy; or if you wanted to be able to squeeze your iPhone 12 Pro Max even more, here is a good option if you are looking for it to be from Apple. If not, there are many other external batteries with wireless charging that might interest you. At least assess them to see which one is more rewarding for you.

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