AppShopper stops working forever

It is possible that many of you do not know of the existence of this web page but personally I have been seeing offers applications in it for years. ANDThis website that was active for ahow many years offered the possibility of finding discounted applications, for a limited time. In this sense, the best thing about the website is that it was very clear and above all it offered applications of all kinds and for all Apple platforms.

AppShopper allow user to find Mac, iPhone, iPad apps at a discount and it was up-to-date at the time. It seems that now it has been down for a few days and we are not sure that it will work again at least in the short term.

Right now the web page shows a sign in which now takes us directly to Apple’s popular news website, MacRumors, so we are almost convinced that this great site that was used to find some bargain apps will be left unused.

Many of the applications that I have installed today on my Mac were discovered thanks to this web page and I can say that it saved me some money on them. There are only a few sites left where you can find applications indexed by price and with limited discounts, which makes it increasingly difficult for us to take advantage of the offers. We hope AppShopper works again soon but it has been down for more than a week so we doubt that this site will work again in the short term.

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