You can add a camera to the Apple Watch and you did not know it

The Apple Watch is one of the Apple devices that has grown the most over the generations, especially covering health needs that have made it a device that has even been able to save the lives of some of its users. However, something that many ask for is the fact of being able to take photos and videos with it, well, today we are going to tell you how you can achieve it thanks to a fantastic accessory.

Since the launch of the first Apple Watch model, which was on April 24, 2015, many generations of this Apple watch have passed, and of course, if we look at what that first version was capable of doing and what it is capable of doing today the latest, which is the Apple Watch Series 7, at a functional level we cannot deny a tremendous evolutionespecially in the health and physical activity section, where it has become a technological piece of equipment that has been able to save the lives of many of its users.

Nevertheless, one of the functions that many users miss Inside this smartwatch is the ability to take pictures and videos with it. This is currently impossible, since the Apple Watch does not have any camera that allows these actions. The most it allows is to be able to control the iPhone’s camera through the “Camera” app of the Apple Watch, and beware, it is not little, since on many occasions it is really useful. Now, just because Apple hasn’t developed this functionality doesn’t mean that others haven’t.

Wristcam, a strap with two cameras for your Apple Watch

Wristcam is a strap that will allow you to do just what you’ve always wanted to do all this time with the Apple Watch, being able to take pictures and videos with it. But beware, this is not the only function that it allows you to carry out with its cameras, since it also makes it easier for you to to make video calls through your app. It is the perfect solution that you have at your fingertips until the Cupertino company is able to introduce its own camera inside the body of the Apple Watch, something that, at the moment, seems quite unlikely to happen.

strap with camera

this strap it has two cameras, so that in the same way that you can record or take a photo of your surroundings, you can also take a photo of yourself with the lens pointing towards you, this being also the most suitable for making video calls. Of course, you have to take into account that aesthetically it is not as pleasant as a usual strap, since it has a somewhat thicker than usual to be able to house the battery of this strap inside it, in order to enjoy all the advantages provided by this fantastic accessory, ideal for all those who have an Apple Watch.

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