Are you a web developer? You won’t be able to live without this feature of Chrome 102

The heads of current web browsers are fully aware of the importance of their projects at this time. It is not in vain that we talk about some of the most used programs on both desktop and mobile computers. Obviously this is something that becomes especially clear if we focus on the most popular option, which is none other than Google Chrome.

Over the years, the search giant has greatly evolved its program to get us around the internet to what it is today. It is interesting to know that it has a market penetration close to 70%, well above the rest of its competitors. All this despite the criticism that it receives on many occasions from its own users. These generally focus on privacy and the excessive Resource consumption what the app does

But the advantages that the browser offers must outweigh, since most continue to use it. Very important aspects in all programs in this sector and in what is focused on its developers, are the securitythe functionality and the look. In this way and thanks to the constant updates that are sent, these projects adapt to the majority of end users.

But at the same time, the firm so well known for its search engine also tries to make things easier for web application developers. Precisely now we find an interesting functionality that can be of great help to us in the event that we dedicate ourselves to these tasks. Specifically, we are referring to a tool integrated into the recently launched Chrome 102 And if you are a web developer, you will surely love it.

Chrome Performance Insights Utilities

Surely many of you already know that the aforementioned Chrome browser has its own developer interface that we can easily access. Enough that click on the F12 key so that the screen appears development tools that integrates the program itself. By default here we are going to find various sections that we can see or hide, depending on the type of work we do.

We only have to click on the button represented by two arrows pointing to the right to see the list of tabs available here. We tell you all this because recently a new tool called Performance Insights which will be of great help to web developers who are working on projects and want to test them in Chrome.

Among the most interesting functions that we are going to find here, it is worth noting that it allows us to carry out screenshots during project loading. In the same way, we can establish key points of the metrics to have them in view at all times throughout the development. And that is not all, but we will also have the possibility of carrying out device and network simulations so that our tests here are much more effective.

To finish, we will tell you that Chrome Performance Insights is able to provide us with real-time tips to help us improve our web developments.

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