Are your ebooks taking up too much space? These are the reasons

It must be taken into consideration that one of the greatest advantages that these specific contents offer us over the conventional ones, is their comfort. While with paper books we can only carry a limited number of them, these digital ones allow us transport hundreds or thousands of them. In addition, we can read these on a multitude of different platforms and devices. In some cases we have a specific reader, although we can also consult this content from a computer or mobile phone.

Everything will depend on the availability we have in terms of products or the one that is most comfortable for us. In addition, here we are going to find elements of all kinds, from manuals, complete guides, novels, reports, etc. This comes mainly because we have a multitude of applications to create these electronic books or to convert between formats. Although the EPUB is the most popular in this sense, there are many other types of ebook files among which we can even use a Pdf.

However, despite its comfort, we can sometimes find ourselves with certain files that are much larger than usual. On certain occasions this can become a problem, especially if our device has limited storage space because if we want to share it over the internet. The reason for this can be varied, as we will see below.

Why are my ebooks so heavy?

As we mentioned before this can become a problem if we don’t have too much space available on the reading device. And if we add to this that we have a good amount of content of this type of large size, the problem multiplies. One of the reasons for all this may come because the e-book was originally created in high quality. It must be taken into account that many programs that serve us for these tasks allow us to configure the display quality of the pages included.

In the same way, it must be taken into consideration that some of these ebooks contain images to illustrate text content. This means that a novel that only has pages of text is not going to occupy the same space as a manual full of digital photographs. The problem of this elevated final file size it will be multiplied in the case that the images included are high definition. Of course, it can also be the case that we find electronic books that only have a photo, its cover.

But on certain occasions this image that serves as the cover it takes up more space even than the book itself. Therefore, if we have the possibility of dispensing with the photographic archive, we will be able to substantially reduce the size of the ebook. It must be taken into consideration that sometimes this deletion can be multiplied by hundreds or thousands of different files that are the ones that are part of our library.

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