ARM vs Intel: Best OS for Studying

A college education is nice and rewarding. But it is also challenging and demanding at times. Depending on what you have chosen as your study subject, you may encounter different challenges. However, one thing is certain. You will have all kinds of assignments. Some might be focused on writing and developing adjacent skills. Others might be focusing on developing your hard skills. Students encounter all kinds of obstacles during their college years. Which only makes these years some of the most rewarding and beautiful ones. Because at the end of it, you will know more and have improved your skills tremendously. College years are for improvement and development.

Choosing the Right Hardware

One of the challenges of many students is choosing the right laptop or computer for their needs. Because technology has advanced tremendously, nowadays you have so many choices. And the paradox of choice is the one that intervenes here. When you have so many choices, it becomes increasingly difficult to choose one. You may wonder if a Windows laptop or a Chromebook is the right choice for you and your needs. On the marketplace, you will see many new laptops, such as the new MacBooks that were launched at the end of last year.

Well, each OS comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. But it is up to you and your needs to identify the right one. For example, if your tasks are mainly focused on writing assignments and essays, you might not need an extremely performant processor. On the other hand, if you study computer science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, or any other subject related to them, you might need a very performant processor.

What OS is suitable for doing your homework

To deliver a smooth, logical, and compelling paper you need to put in the effort. Sometimes, writing a college paper might be difficult. If you choose a MacBook with an ARM processor, you will notice that not all programs are available. This is because they use the newest technology and not all apps have adapted to this. You can search for custom paper writing companies that are ready to help you overcome this minor inconvenience. You can pay for college papers and have someone edit, proofread, and even write them from scratch. Which will turn out to be really helpful.

As highlighted above, choosing the right laptop or computer for yourself might be difficult when you have so many options. If you are wondering what OS is suitable for doing your homework, you need to take a look at your tasks. Every college focuses not only on a set of skills but on many. Through writing, for example, you do not only improve your writing skills. You learn to research too. You develop your critical thinking and organization skills.

ARM vs Intel: Best OS for Studying

ARM versus Intel

Now, let’s focus a little bit on the characteristics of each processor type. Diving into these will help you understand their particularities better and make the best choice for you.

ARM is said to be the leading technology provider of processor IP. What is typical of ARM is that it works tremendously well in smaller tech. So, you will likely see an increase of small tech with ARM processors in the future. It focuses on power and performance, giving users a nice and smooth experience. Moreover, ARM works best in cases when the tech is not always connecting to a power outlet. So, you will mostly see ARM processors in laptops. Of course, it can be configured to work on many tech gadgets too.

Intel’s main focus, on the other hand, is not on the power but the performance. It works best on big tech, so it is important to keep this in mind. However, just as ARM processors, they can easily be configured to work on small tech too. You will see many laptops with Intel processors. And as technology is advancing continuously, these processors are changing too.

ARM is way cheaper than Intel, but choosing one over another should take many criteria into account. And the most important one is to help you do your homework and projects and develop your skills. Pursuing your academic goals is essential and your gadgets can help you do this efficiently and productively.


Studying can be challenging and overwhelming sometimes. But your gadgets can help you face these challenges. Technology is advancing and new processors are being invented every year. They are specially designed for certain tasks, but all can be configured and customized.

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