Artists complain to Apple about the orange circle in the menu bar in macOS Monterey

Orange circle in the menu bar

Because we always talk about Apple and its reliability, it does not mean that from time to time certain problems arise that put those who use them in trouble. However, it should be noted the speed, almost always, of Apple engineers in finding the solution to the problem or problems that may arise. It is also logical that these problems appear in the most modern versions and in this case it has appeared in macOS Monterey. Nothing more and nothing less than an orange circle appears in the menu bar making things more difficult for its users.

That orange circle or orange dot is the one that appears when is using the microphone, what happens is that when it is activated it seems that a conflict arises and that circle creates an error in the menu bar that leaves the Mac unusable during events.

Apple added a visual representation that alerts users to any application or device that accesses their microphone or camera: an orange or green dot in the menu bar. This security feature is intended to draw users’ attention to inadvertent access, but it has been implemented in a way that is detrimental to visual artists.

When using the microphone, that point appears in the menu bar on every connected display. This occurs even when the menu bar is disabled on external monitors, except that the dot appears floating in space in the upper right corner. Artists complain because when they use large external screens for a room full of public, that point becomes a distraction and an audiovisual nuisance.

The artists have contacted Apple to see how to fix the problem. One of the ideas provided is that they implement some type of solution so that this circle is eliminated from these types of screens. there is already a temporary solution, shared by “s4y” on Github. ¬ęThis app will remove the orange dot. It is not officially endorsed by Apple and could be disabled at any time with a future macOS update. Something is something and while we await Apple’s response, better than nothing, it is.

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