Arval optimizes its search campaigns with Labelium

The car rental company Arval has improved its search companies with the implementation of the Hagakure structure of the Japanese warriors by the consultancy Labelium.

With an eye toward improving the efficiency of Arval, a company dedicated to renting vehicles for SMEs, freelancers and large companies, and belonging to the BNP Paribas Group, has optimized its Google Ads campaigns together with the digital marketing consultancy, Labelium.

Simplify and facilitate vehicle searches for users through their advertising campaigns. search With a simpler and more personalized structure for the user, it entailed a series of challenges that both companies had to address. On the one hand, the need to generate more qualified leads, for which it was necessary to customize the results as much as possible according to the user’s search; and, on the other, reduce the optimization time of the campaigns, reducing their number and simplifying the structure.

With these objectives, Labelium decided to bet on the Hagakure method, a Japanese term that represents Yamamoto Tsunetomo’s book and that means “hidden in the leaves”, a technique used by samurai warriors and that, applied to marketing, implies a format of more compact structures avoiding using an excess of keywords and granular structures.

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Applied to Google Ads campaigns, simplifying this structure maximizes the amount of data at the campaign level, facilitating the reporting and interpretation of data, optimizes investment by improving results without increasing the budget, and achieves faster learning of Google’s automatic functionalities, also increasing the productivity of the team in charge of the account.

The benefits of the Hagakure method at Arval

In the case of Arval, this simplification made it possible to go from a structure of 20 campaigns to a simpler one with just three. As a result, the company was able to improve campaign review times and simplify keywords using only those that add value to the account.

The use of the Hagakure method in this restructuring thus made it possible to reduce investment and optimize budget. This is how Javier López, Digital Marketing Specialist at Labelium and responsible for the project, explains it, pointing out that “we analyze the history of keywords and campaigns that we had in our account and we decided to go further in customizing the ads, implementing this new Hagakure structure ”.

In this line, the person in charge highlights the enormous benefits obtained thanks to this method since “Not only do we get more personalized results based on the search carried out by the user, but it also reports better results regarding conversion and allows a faster, more flexible and efficient management on our part”.

At the data level, all these benefits have resulted in Arval increasing its click-through rate (CTR) by 24%, and reducing its cost per lead (CPL) by 15%. In addition, the company has also experienced a conversion rate of its ads of up to 8% in just three months since the Hagakure method was launched.

Japanese wisdom is still a winner now in the digital world as well.

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