As if you did not pay VAT: Google’s Chromecasts are also on sale on Amazon

We do not stop showing you good offers from Amazon’s spring days, but the occasion is well worth it. The company has launched, in general, a good discount campaign and we do not stop finding interesting gadgets with prices that you should not miss, at least, to know. It is the case of Google Chromecast (in its HD and 4K version), which are also currently enjoying a good discount. For them.

Chromecast with Google TV

If there’s one device that stands up to the Fire TV Stick, it’s the Google Chromecast. Or would it be better to say it the other way around? Be that as it may, what you have to be clear about is that this is a first cousin of Amazon’s proposal and therefore it does practically the same function for us: offering us a dongle with which we can access a entertainment platformfull of channels and applications to enjoy streaming content.

With the Google TV interface As a starting point for the control of everything by the user, through this equipment you can play series, movies and even music, watch YouTube on the big screen or play content that you send in a matter of a couple of touches.

chromecast tv hd.jpg

It supports, of course, the google assistantwhich you can invoke with your voice (through its remote control) to ask it to play something, search for it or activate any function, even if it has to do with other smart devices in the house that are connected, so you will have everything much more centralized.

Offer in its 2 versions

As you may already know if you had your eye on it, the Chromecast with Google TV can be purchased in two versions: HD and 4K. As their names indicate, the first supports a resolution of up to 1080p with HDR compatibility and is only sold in white, while the second reaches 4K (also with HDR, of course) and can be purchased in three different shades (white , pink and light blue).

The official price of HD it is 39.99 euros, however, right now it can be bought on Amazon, thanks to the spring sales for €31.99so you save 20% or 8 euros exactly.

With the purchase of the model 4Kthe savings are greater: a 21% discount, which means that you pay for it €54.99 instead of the official 69.99 euros that it costs.

A fantastic opportunity to catch them at their second best historical minimum price, and knowing that tomorrow you can have it at home (it is sent and sold by Amazon itself). What are you waiting for?

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