an Amazon Prime movie with a miniseries on Netflix

The same strange coincidence already occurred months ago and now again we find a similar case with a film, based on real events, of Amazon-Prime and the possibility of seeing the miniseries about the same story on a different platform -in this case, Netflix. A whole crossroads of audiovisual material that does not seem to suppose any type of impediment for the services of streaming.

The movie on Amazon and the mini series… on Netflix

The tape in question of which we have a new “crossover” is none other than thirteen livesreleased a couple of days ago on Amazon Prime Video and that narrates the events that occurred during the rescue of the Thai soccer team that was trapped in a rocky area. The children accessed a complicated area of ​​the Thai cave of Tham Luang and after the rise of the water, they were not able to return on their own feet. That put the authorities in the area on alert and little by little, the entire planet learned about the complicated situation of the boys, waiting for days for a happy outcome. Some of the best trained and prepared divers of the moment participated in their rescue, carrying out a very complicated mission to get the thirteen young people of the team out alive. The film has been directed by Ron Howard and stars Colin Farrell, Viggo Mortensen and Joel Edgerton, among others.

It is not surprising that after seeing it, you have been bitten by the bug to know more about this story. For this you should know that there is also a mini series that, curiously, does not have Amazon Prime Video (which is where the film is hosted). To see it you will have to go to Netflix and wait, yes, until next September, which will be when it opens Rescue in a cave in Thailand. This production retells this extraordinary story from a different perspective: that of the boys trapped in the cave.

Netflix has collaborated with filmmakers from Thailand and has shot the series in that country, also having statements from the young soccer players who lived through such an experience. A new way of knowing how the anguished and eternal days that the soccer team was trapped without being able to get out were lived.

It already happened with The Staircase and HBO Max

Very recently we saw something similar with a series that became popular very quickly on the HBO Max service. Is about The Staircase (The Staircase), a miniseries that told us about the real case of writer Michael Peterson, whose wife fell down some stairs under strange circumstances. An authentic 8-episode drama that hooked quite an audience and in which it was shown how Peterson agreed to record a documentary that recounted his entire journey through the courts.

precisely that documentary film it exists (it’s not an artistic license) but it’s not on HBO. Instead is on netflix, where you can see for a long time to see what is “real” and what is not in the TV series directed by Antonio Campos and starring Colin Firth and Toni Collette – both with Emmy nominations this year for their roles, by the way. In case you get hooked, know that a documentary series of the same name awaits you in the red N.

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