Asmodee wears Ticket to Ride in pink, against breast cancer

Today we are talking about an important and deserving initiative: Asmodee And Days of Wonder have announced a partnership with Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), thanks to which for each copy purchased of the new “in pink” set of Ticket to Ride, Play Pink, two euros will be donated to the breast cancer research foundation.

News that differs a little from our usual review of playful news, but which we are very happy to give.

Asmodee wears Ticket to Ride in pink against breast cancer

The new Ticket to Ride Play Pink set consists of a set of pink wagons and stations, usable in any of our games of the basic and Europe version of the famous railway game. Alan R. Moon. The color pink has long been associated with research aid in this particular type of cancer, which, contrary to what one might think, can affect both women and men.

The set, created by Asmodee and Days of Wonder, will have a suggested cost of just 5 euros. The two companies have committed, on this particular occasion, to have an approach no profit: all the surplus of 2 euros that will go directly to the Foundation will cover only the costs of production and logistics.

These are the words of Stephane Carville, CEO of Asmodee:

As a leading player in the gaming and entertainment industry, we believe it is our duty to lead by example and help important causes such as that of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. We know how the board game can bring families together in difficult times, and we hope that players around the world will support breast cancer research by playing Ticket to Ride with this new and exclusive set.

The Play Pink set will be available starting October 1st 2021 in 18 countries, and in a limited edition only during October, the month dedicated to breast cancer research, unfortunately the most common in the world today. No excuses, let’s run to buy one!

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