Brass: Birmingham available on Steam

The much appreciated Brass: Birmingham, board game of Martin Wallace, has been available digitally on Steam.

For now it is still an incomplete version, in early access; but it could still be interesting for the introductory price that Phalanx has decided.

Brass: Birmingham available on Steam

Brass: Birmingham doesn’t need too many introductions. Absolute number 3 in the ranking of BoardGameGeek, evolution of the classic Brass then renamed Lancashire, we have firmly included it in our list of the best strategy board games; but those unfamiliar with it can always go and read our review of Brass: Birmingham.

The digital version of the Brass: Birmingham board game was developed by Cublo, under the label of Phalanx (the physical edition in Italian of this title is instead of Ghenos Games).

As anticipated, this is not the final version of the game and, as reported in the first reviews, it still has some bugs. However, it could be interesting to grab this game now thanks to the 20% discount on the final price, a discount that will be active until next July 5th: instead of € 13.29, the price for a few more days is € 10.63.

Now we just have to dive headlong into the industrial revolution! You can find Brass: Birmingham in digital edition on Steam.

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