ASUSTOR launches its new ADM 4.0 for NAS, know the changes

Main changes in ADM 4.0

The ASUSTOR development team has worked very hard designing the new graphical user interface. In the latest version ADM 4.0 we have a fairly deep redesign to the graphical user interface, with a new login page that allows us to configure themes and custom designs by ourselves, we can configure a custom wallpaper, and even activate the different dark modes we have available. ADM 4.0 now allows you to choose dark modes, both manually in the different menus as well as automatically. Thanks to this dark mode, it is not only aesthetically more beautiful, but our eyes will not suffer so much at night when there is no light.

Another very important aspect that has been added to this new ADM 4.0 version is the new improved search functionality, now it is faster and more accurate when searching for files within the NAS server. We can see the file information in real time, preview and even play multimedia files, all directly in the ADM File Explorer. In case you are interested in setting up a web server easily and quickly, we now have “Web Center”, a new function where we will have all the necessary configurations to set up our web server. You can visit our tutorial on what types of RAID use the NAS.

Other important improvements in ADM 4.0 are that the ease of use has been improved, and also the security incorporating the latest versions of Linux Kernel and the latest security patches, of course, the overall performance of the NAS has also been improved by optimizing the system. Some updated services in order to provide the best performance and security is Samba, now we have Samba 4.12 with the latest security patches, while improving performance and efficiency. ASUSTOR has verified that these improvements are up to 5%, so it is somewhat faster than previous versions, in addition to presenting greater compatibility for macOS devices, especially when we use Time Machine. ASUSTOR has taken the opportunity to update the popular SSL / TLS OpenSSL library to the latest version, to improve security when transferring data using different protocols.

Finally, thanks to this new version of the ADM 4.0 operating system, we will be able to use external hard drives or pendrives that use the exFAT file system, and all this without having to buy a license to use it. In this latest version we can use it as if it were the popular NTFS file system, where recognition is automatic.

ADM 4.0 Compatible NAS Models

This new ADM 4.0 operating system is compatible with the following NAS ASUSTOR series:

  • AS10
  • AS31 / 32
  • AS40
  • AS50 / 51
  • AS61 / 62, AS63 / 64
  • AS70, AS71
  • Nimbustor
  • Lockerstor
  • Lockerstor Pro

Unfortunately lower end NAS servers like AS-2 / AS-3 / AS-6 no longer support ADM 4.0 due to hardware limitations.

As you have seen, ADM 4.0 is a very important improvement in ASUSTOR NAS. One of the most important aspects of a NAS manufacturer is software support and updates, in this area ASUSTOR NAS are one of the best manufacturers, because they update their operating system from the first to patch different vulnerabilities.

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