At Christmas you can play games on your Xbox without downloading them

Play in the cloud from your console

What’s the point of playing cloud games if you have one Xbox series x? It actually makes a lot of sense, and it’s just a preview of what we might expect to find in the not-too-distant future. The games will be instant, and that’s what Xbox Cloud Gaming has been offering for a long time.

Thanks to the upcoming addition, console gamers won’t have to download a game and install it if they just want to take a first look to see if it truly fits their tastes. Thanks to Xbox Cloud Gaming, soon we will be able to simply click on “play” so that the game starts immediately and we will start playing it without waiting.

This is really useful when you have a limited storage capacity (especially in an Xbox Series S with its 512 GB), thus being able to run many games without spending a single mega of disk space.

Also for the old Xbox One

The best of all is that the previous generation will also be able to access the service, being an incredible opportunity to be able to play many games with the quality of the new generation, as we remember, the Xbox Cloud Gaming servers were updated with Xbox hardware Series X.

In addition, it is expected that in the future the Xbox One will also be able to run next generation titles in the cloud, so you could play exclusive next generation titles from your old console with just an internet connection.

When will it be available?

With the new function, the library’s game catalog will offer a new “Play” button in all those games that have the corresponding version in Xbox Cloud Gaming. This new button will arrive at Christmas, although Microsoft has not gone into details about when exactly will be the day chosen for the launch. The good news is that the feature will arrive this year, and testing will begin in the fall, so those users who are within the beta ring of the Xbox Insider program will be able to enjoy the feature soon.

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