Attack on Titan dates its final season Part 3 for 2023

After a long wait and huge expectations, what at first seemed to be the final season of Attack on Titan (Attack on Titan or Shingeki no Kyojin) has returned to leave us in a new «clifhanger». And it is that after the broadcast of episode number 86, broadcast last Sunday, March 20, a delay was announced for the broadcast of the last chapter of the final season Part 2, finally released this weekend.

Unfortunately, what was intended to be a mere maneuver to create a greater expectation, ended up being a new delay to definitely put an end to the anime, having dedicated its last episode to a small retrospective of what happened between the last change of seasons and the sudden jump in the ages of the characters, creating a greater context of how the current situation has come to be. All this to culminate with a short but intense scene that returned to the climax of the previous episode, which without actually concluding or closing an ending, it returned to show us the final message of “To be continued”.

That said, possibly to avoid further fuss, the official Attack on Titan Twitter account had posted shortly before this episode aired. confirmation of the upcoming arrival of a new seasonwhich will reach the West under the name of Attack on the Titans final season Part 3, and this time yes, It is expected to be the authentic final season of this anime.

And it is that in Japan this new season will be titled “Attack on Titan The Final Season Finale”thus predicting the long-awaited outcome of the manga finished by Hajime Isayama, leaving behind the first rumors of a possible movie titled “Attack On Titan Movie: The Battle of Heaven And Earth”.

Thus, for the moment its release date is unknown beyond the delay itself until next year, although it is expected that new details will be updated on the official website of the series. Meanwhile, we can currently find the first seasons of Attack on Titan available on Netflix and Crunchyroll.

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