Be careful if you use YouTube on mobile! They are hacking devices this way

If you use YouTube on your mobile, it is essential that you do not make this mistake that we are going to talk about. They could take advantage of it to break your security and steal personal data or take control of your accounts. You should always have everything very well prepared to avoid problems of this type.

YouTube app clones

Is about YouTube app clones. What hackers do is create fake programs that pretend to be official. According to a group of security researchers, at least three Android applications have been detected that are actually fake and that pretend to be from YouTube.

What happens if the victim installs one of these applications? Attackers could have control to collect data, record audio, video or access any information that may be on that device. Basically, it will act as a spyware with which to compromise the privacy of the victim.

This malware It has the ability to send SMS, initiate calls, take screenshots, override certain system settings, modify files, use the microphone or camera and, ultimately, have almost total control of the device without the victim being aware of it. .

The problem is that, in many cases, these types of applications are really similar to YouTube. Someone who installs it, at least at first, would not suspect that it is really a scam. That is precisely the strategy of cybercriminals: not to raise suspicions and have the victim install it.

The good news is that these are applications that They are out of Google Play. That is, to install them you need to download the APK file. Therefore, you are less likely to fall into the trap. However, security researchers indicate that cybercriminals can use strategies to direct users to links to download these files.

Avoid being scammed

What can you do to avoid problems of this type and being scammed? The main thing is common sense and not make mistakes. For example, always install the YouTube app from official sources. You can go to its official website, as well as use Google Play. As we have explained, these fraudulent programs are outside of Google Play, so you should never install applications from unsafe sources.

It is also important to always have security programs. A good antivirus can help detect malicious software of this type. It can be key to identifying fake files that arrive in the mail, letting you know if a document may be a scam or a program you install is actually a virus.

Furthermore, have updated the device It is also important. Vulnerabilities can arise that are exploited by hackers to steal your data. If you install the latest versions available, you will be able to correct these errors and increase the security of your computers.

Therefore, as you can see, they have created fake YouTube applications with which they can have total control over your device. It is key to only install software from official sources. Just as you can see if an SMS is a fraud, you can check if an application could be a security risk.

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