Avoid Bluetooth connection problems in Windows

Steps to avoid common Bluetooth failures in Windows

Let’s explain what to do to fix errors common Bluetooth connection in Windows. A series of tips that you should put into practice if you notice that it doesn’t work well, if there are cuts or you can’t see the compatible devices. You can do this in both Windows 10 and Windows 11, since in both cases you can have problems.

See what’s on

The first of all, the most basic thing you should keep in mind, is to verify that Bluetooth is really activated in Windows. This is essential for it to work correctly and, although it is basic, the truth is that many users have problems precisely because they believe that it is activated but it really is not.

Therefore, in Windows what you should do is go to Start, enter Settings and click on bluetooth and devices. You will automatically reach a new window and there you will see the button to activate or deactivate Bluetooth. You just have to check that it is really activated and if it is not, mark it.

Problem solver

Another point that you should keep in mind is the Windows troubleshooter. It can detect Bluetooth faults and help you solve them. It is something basic that you should always do to find problems of this type that affect any connected device or functionality of the operating system.

To run the Bluetooth troubleshooter in Windows you have to go to Start, go to Settings, go to System and open the Troubleshooter there. You must click on Other troubleshooters. Once there, look for Bluetooth and hit Run. It will start a process to detect possible problems and provide a solution.

Bluetooth Troubleshooter

Unpair devices

You should also try unpair bluetooth devices on Windows. Not just the particular device you’re having trouble with, but all the others. Perhaps there has been some conflict that has caused errors that prevent you from connecting devices normally through this technology.

In this case you have to go to Start, enter Settings, go to Bluetooth and devices and there, under Devices, all of them will appear. You have to click on the drop-down menu (the three dots next to each device) and hit Remove device. Later, when you have done this with all of them, you simply re-link them.

Check Bluetooth version

You may have an old version of Bluetooth and that is causing conflicts with your devices. Therefore, what you are going to do is see what it is and in this way check if there is a problem. You have to go to Start, Device Manager, Bluetooth, select it and enter Properties. Later you will Advanced Options and you will see the Firmware version section.

Check Bluetooth version

It does not directly indicate which version of Bluetooth you have, but it does indicate a code that begins with LMP. In this case, in our example it is LMP 9, so simply by putting that in Google we will see that it corresponds to version 5.0. If it were LMP 10 it would be 5.1, LMP 11 would be 5.2, etc.

What if, for example, you have version 4.0? There may be compatibility and performance issues, as it is an older version. In that case, the solution would be to buy a more modern device, which is at least version 5.0.

Check for possible interference

It could also happen that Bluetooth does not work due to possible interference. It works through 2.4 GHz band, as well as Wi-Fi and other appliances such as microwaves. Therefore, it is possible that there is interference with other devices and that is the reason why you have problems.

What should you do? In this case, it is something as simple as looking very carefully where you place the devices that you are going to connect. Here the location of the Windows computer is important, which is where you have problems, but also the devices that you are going to connect to it. They must be away from the router and other devices that may interfere. The more isolated they are, the better.

Prepare your team to avoid problems

We have seen some essential steps that you should take if you are having problems with the Bluetooth connection in Windows. But there is more. It is important that your system works correctly and is prepared so that there are no cuts in the connection and you can connect devices without problems through this technology.

Update system

Something essential is to have the equipment updated correctly. Windows can have driver incompatibility if you’re using an outdated version, so it’s critical to always have the latest. This will also help it work better and avoid security issues.

To update it you have to go to Start, enter Settings and click on Windows Update. Possible versions pending to install will automatically appear. You must add everything there is. It is something that you should do periodically so as not to have any type of problem of this type.

Update Windows 11

Have the latest version of Bluetooth

Something similar happens with the bluetooth drivers. Do you have the latest version installed? Check it to make sure there are no errors or glitches of any kind. This will also allow you to have optimal performance and that complications do not appear.

To do this you have to go to Start, enter Device Manager, Bluetooth and click on the corresponding one there. You have to click with the second mouse button and give update driver. This way you will be able to have the latest available version installed and make it work as well as possible.

keep safe

Do you have your Windows computer protected? Malware could affect performance and cause certain components to malfunction. Therefore, it is important to always have a good antivirus installed and prevent the entry of malicious software that may affect the operation of the computer.

Windows Defender itself is a good solution, but there are many more available. You will find both free and paid alternatives and you just have to make sure that they work well and will protect your computer without any problems.

common problems

What common problems will cause Bluetooth to not work well in Windows? We will show which are the main ones. After having explained what to do to get it to work normally again, we are going to see in general terms what could cause it to not work as we would like.

Poor signal

The first and most obvious thing is to have a weak or limited signal. And that does not mean that there is a real problem, since we could have everything well configured and have a good device. But of course, this technology has limits and perhaps we have exceeded them and therefore we do not achieve normal connectivity.

The main reason is the distance. This technology allows us to connect at a short distance and as we move away, the problems begin. In addition, possible obstacles such as walls and walls will have an even greater influence and will be a burden to be able to connect with a good signal quality.


Interference is also a fairly common cause. You may have devices nearby that are affecting the bluetooth quality. It is something similar to what happens with Wi-Fi, where you can also experience cuts and failures if you connect near sources that can interfere.

This can cause failures when it comes to connecting the devices and that they work poorly, with cuts, but also that you can even connect or they do not appear when you perform a search.

Conflict with the system

Problems with the operating system, with Windows in this case, are also behind the failures related to the Bluetooth connection. There can be problems if you have a bad configuration, a virus has sneaked in or simply an outdated version of the operating system.

Therefore, it is essential to always have the prepared team both at the software and hardware level. You must make sure that it works correctly and that there are no problems of any kind. Installing drivers from official sources will also help.

In short, as you have seen, you have different methods at your disposal to solve Bluetooth connection problems in Windows. This will allow you to connect devices without interruptions or failures to establish connectivity. Preparing the system, keeping everything updated and avoiding interference with other devices will come in handy to avoid problems.

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