Avoid scares, these are the ways to delete a Torrent in uTorrent

For many years, if we need to share large files, we use a Torrent client instead of doing it through the browser. Here we find a multitude of programs that will be of enormous help to us, as is the case with uTorrent which we are going to focus on next.

These types of programs in particular have been surrounded by some controversy for a long time. Moreover, many users directly relate them to certain illegal or illicit uses. However, Torrent clients as such are completely legal, another thing is the type of use that is made of them. One of the most popular options here is the aforementioned uTorrent. With everything and with it we can also opt for other alternatives such as qBittorrent either Transmissionto mention a few popular ones.

The first thing we should know about these clients to download and upload Torrents is that they are already configured by default. This means that inexperienced users in these matters will be able to start working with these files from the first moment. In the same way, those who want to get the most out of a client with these characteristics will be able to start configuring it through their available parameters. Other external factors come into play here, such as the internet connection we have, or how we make use of it.

In addition, we must also bear in mind that the correct use of these programs will also have a direct influence on their performance. Here we want to focus on the different ways we have to delete Torrent files uploaded to uTorrent. And it is that sometimes we can get upset if we do not know how to use this functionality.

Different Ways to Remove a Torrent from uTorrent

First of all, and something that will be extremely useful to us when working with these programs, is that we must distinguish between two types of content clearly. On the one hand, we find the Torrent format file which is the one that we actually load in the client as such. Let’s say that this serves to identify the content that we are going to share with other users for both upload and download.

However, on the other hand, we find files and folders this Torrent references and that are the contents that really interest us. These are the ones that are transmitted through the P2P networks and that we store in our computer. We tell you all this because sometimes when it comes to deleting a Torrent file in a client like the one mentioned, if we are not clear about this concept we are going to be more than upset.

When a certain download of a file loaded in the program has finished, one of the most common methods for eliminating it is by right-clicking on uTorrent. Here we are going to find, in the contextual menu that appears, with the option precisely called Delete.

delete torrent

But next to it we find a dropdown list with different delete modes. This is where the distinction that we mentioned earlier comes into play. The uTorrent client allows us to delete the Torrent as such, the data corresponding to it, or both elements. Generally we will opt for Delete / Torrent Only. In this way we eliminate the entry of the program, but we keep the downloaded contents.

On the contrary, if we are not interested in anything in the whole process, we should opt for Data and Torrent. Likewise, we do want to restart the download due to some error in the content, for example, we must click on Data Only. These three erase methods We must keep them very present. Otherwise we could delete several gigabytes of information once downloaded without realizing it.

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