Be careful if you buy an MSI GPU: no warranty even if you have an invoice?

When we talk about graphics cards, unfortunately we have on our hands products that are quite expensive and that, also unfortunately, have a certain tendency to break down due to the type of use to which they are subjected. For this reason, the guarantee on a graphics card is a very important factor since it gives us the peace of mind that, if the product breaks down due to “natural” causes, the manufacturer must provide us with a solution. But what if you buy one? GPU from MSI in a store and you find that it does not have a guarantee?

MSI warns: stores sell their GPUs without authorization

As we anticipated at the beginning, it has been MSI Japan who, through its official Twitter account, has warned that they have found an online store that sells graphics cards of its brand worldwide without having authorization to do so.

The translation of the message, which is in Japanese, would be as follows:

“Warning: I have something to tell you. Recently, we have confirmed that an online store sells graphics cards that they have not obtained through authorized dealers. We do not accept products that do not come through an authorized distributor for any reason: be careful not to buy it by mistake.

In addition, a user asks in response to this Twitt how they can know if they have bought one of these unauthorized products by mistake, to which MSI Japan has replied as follows:

Translation: “The best thing is to look at the price… it is quite suspicious to buy something new at a lower price than usual in stores, so be careful.”

In short, it seems that this online store is selling MSI GPUs at lower prices, not only than those currently on the market, but also below the manufacturer’s recommended retail price.

What happens if you buy a product from an unauthorized dealer?


The manufacturer itself is already telling us that there is a store selling its products without authorization and, furthermore, at lower prices than it should. MSI has no record of the origin of these graphics cards since they do not say anything about it, so there is a good chance that we are dealing with stolen products, graphics cards from mining farms or something similar, so in any case we would be facing an illegal activity.

It is assumed that if you buy a graphics card in a store you will receive an invoice, which in turn is the proof of purchase to exercise your warranty rights if you find problems with the product and need to use it, but what if that graphics card Is it of “suspicious origin”?

In Spain, the law obliges the manufacturer to provide a minimum two-year guarantee for the product, the first year being the obligation of the store where you made the purchase and, from then on, directly the manufacturer. The problem is that this seller is outside of Spain and, therefore, is not governed by the same laws, so to exercise the guarantee you should go directly to MSI in this case. And of course, MSI is saying directly that it does not support products that do not come from an authorized reseller, which means that these GPUs they have no guarantee despite the fact that you have an invoice and that, for your part, you have carried out the entire process legally.

Therefore, you should be very careful if you are going to buy an MSI graphics card in the next few days or weeks, especially if you are going to make the purchase from a store outside of Spain, since you could find yourself in the unpleasant situation that you have purchased a product without warranty.

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