Between Chains and Ash: the first game book of the Omnis Tales series is available

Among the self-publications of the game book sector, we point out an interesting new issue: Between Chains and Ash, the first game-book written by Edoardo Dalla Via And Leonardo Benucci.

A story set in a cruel and wonderful world between revolting characters, epic adventures and incredible encounters and (not even to say it!) We will be the protagonists of this adventure.

Available Between Chains and Ash: Tales of Omnis vol. 1

Between Chains and Ash, already available for purchase TO THIS ADDRESS, is a full-bodied game book of approx 600 pages, containing a thousand crossroads. One of the peculiarities of the volume is the fact that we can play by choosing between ben 4 different characters, characterized by different objectives and final chapters for each. The setting come on dark tones joins an original regulation that does not provide for the use of dice.

Welcome to the Omnis, a place full of mystery, peril and magic, just waiting to be discovered by adventurers just like you. Travel to the abandoned village of Sadora, where something strange is happening in the Stenma mansion. Four characters with different peculiarities and stories, four completely different and replayable approaches to adventure, for hours and hours of fun and twists. No dice or the will of fate, a few simple rules and only one discriminating factor: your choices. Dynamic fights, made up of actions, sacrifices, crossroads and strategies. Careful, your choices will affect the course of the adventure, so weigh your options carefully before deciding which path to take. Face your destiny, marked by different events depending on the character played, and be amazed by the numerous endings. Omnis awaits you …

In short, the premises are promising! As always, do not be misled by the negative prejudices about self-productions: there are numerous (and definitely!) Worthy examples of self-produced books that have amazed us, such as Fortress Europe – London And The Villa of Death, so the expectations for this game book are high (and soon we will let you know ours with a review!).

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