Is it more important to use a VPN on mobile or PC?

Use VPN on PC or mobile

Where would you use a VPN before, on your mobile or on your computer? The truth is that this will depend a lot on what do you need it for. It can really be useful in both cases, depending on the circumstances. However, at a general level and the use of users today, we could say that the VPN is more useful, especially on mobile devices.

This is so since we navigate more and more from the mobile. We can connect from anywhere, no matter if we are at home, traveling, going to work… The VPN may be necessary to improve security or to connect to an online service that may be geographically restricted where we are.

Think about where do you connect from the mobile. You will not always use the data that comes with your rate, since you can use Wi-Fi networks that are everywhere. For example, shopping malls, libraries, transportation centers… Not all of these networks are going to be secure and that’s where using a VPN comes into play. What it is going to do is encrypt the connection and prevent your data from being exposed.

It is also more frequent that you connect in the foreigner from mobile. For example, if you are traveling for a few days, it is normal for you to take your mobile phone but not your computer. If you want to enter a certain page, application or online service that is blocked in that country, you can use a VPN to hide the IP and change your real location.

In addition, from the mobile is where more sensitive applications we use today. For example, entering the bank account, making a payment, a purchase, using instant messaging… If you do all of this from networks that are not reliable, you may have problems. Once again, the VPN on mobile is going to be very useful.

VPN, but safely

Now, it is not enough to use a VPN and forget about everything. The first because you should always use a VPN that is guaranteed. You will find a wide range of options. Before installing a program you should check if it is reliable, see comments from other users, analyze its features, etc.

Another important point is that the VPN is not going to protect you from everything on the Internet. It is true that it will encrypt the connection and it will be very useful for connecting to Wi-Fi networks more securely, without your personal data being leaked. But not enough to avoid all attacks cyber that may be.

To avoid the latter that we mentioned, it is equally necessary have other measures. For example, having a good antivirus installed, keeping the system always updated and, of course, using common sense and not making mistakes. That, together with a VPN, will make browsing Wi-Fi networks that can be dangerous more secure.

In short, you will be able to use a VPN both on your mobile and on your computer. However, today it is generally more useful on mobile phones, although everything will depend on the type of user you are, what you need it for, etc.

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