Black Friday, advance offers on Samsung monitors!

We are on a roll with the advance offers of Black Friday 2021 and the discounts are being really interesting. Today it is the turn of three Samsung monitors that cover different ranges and uses, something interesting if we take into account that teleworking has come to stay and that logically the needs have changed not only at home, but in terms of mobility and self job. Therefore, we believe that these three Samsung monitors on sale will fit you by one or more profiles. Let’s get to know them.

Deals on Samsung monitors, what to watch?

different monitor colors

It depends on what one needs and looks for. The important thing is to cover the need that work or leisure requires, although it is also true that feelings are very important. An oversized monitor on a tiny desk can be overwhelming and just as necessary, and vice versa, it’s even worse.

Therefore, it is not only necessary to look at the pocket, but the need that we have to cover. Now, if it is a whim, then emotions come into play and one is less economically rational. Let’s not forget that we could do absolutely nothing without it, so choose wisely from these top-tier Samsung monitor deals.

Samsung LS24AM508NUXEN


It is one of those offers that are now bottoming out and therefore is at an all-time low price. It is not a gaming monitor, but focused on productivity and perhaps the occasional sporadic game. Integrates a panel VA with a resolution FHD or 1920 x 1080 pixels remains 60 Hz as a refreshment rate. It is not the typical monitor with an antenna input for DTT, it is not a TV in itself, far from it, it is a full-fledged monitor that will allow us both to enjoy a series and to work, as well as to play.

Its size is 24 inches and measure 84.2 x 48.7 x 13.3 cm for only 7.9 Kg. Without a doubt the best thing is its price, since it falls from 254 euros to 159 euros, a discount of 37%.

Samsung LU32J592UQRXEN


Here we have a fantastic monitor 32 inches with 4K resolution with more than interesting features and price, so much so that without the discount that we will discuss now it is already Amazon Choice. Its panel is UHD or 3,840 x 2,160 pixels and technology QLED, which is already a plus, because it can faithfully represent 1.07 trillion colors.

It is a very versatile monitor that is capable of working in PIP and PBP, both with Flicker Free technology to their credit and also with FreeSync and game mode, something that we will appreciate thanks to their 60 Hz de rigueur. As if that were not enough, your contract is 3000: 1 and get certification HDR10.

This week it will be priced at 249 euros after falling from 349 euros, a discount of 29%.

Samsung LS43AM702UUXEN


We are facing a different monitor, practically a full-blown TV since its size of 43 inches encourages this and until not long ago it was the most used diameter in houses. We are therefore facing a large screen that integrates HDMI, Bluetooth and USB that will allow us to work at a greater distance from it and when we finish we can use it as a kind of smart TV, since we will not need to go to the web or the app Netflix, YouTube or HBO to enjoy content with the PC turned on.

He is only able to show us this content without turning on the computer by means of a remote control and built-in speakers that facilitate everything. Your port USB-C It allows us to transmit data or send signals with a single cable, it has a sensor that detects ambient light to adjust the brightness automatically and thus not strain our eyes, for example, when we are working.

It also has a voice assistant and auto source switch +. And of course we can play with him thanks to his 60 Hz. It is at an incredible price of 399 euros after falling 33%. Go get him! And so far the offers in Samsung monitors

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