Black Shark Sixgill K2 lands as a cheap mechanical keyboard

After passing through the gaming mobile market, and following a bit in the trail of diversity of Xiaomi itself, this time Black Shark has surprised us with the recent release of Sixgill K2, his first adventure in the world of mechanical keyboardswith a peripheral with RGB lighting and a very affordable price.

With a complete key format but a reduced and optimized bodyThe first thing that strikes us about this keyboard is that it does not have any kind of edges or additions such as a wrist rest. Although we will find a structure and keys reinforced by an aluminum arch for greater durability.

And it is that the keys of the Black Shark Sixgill K2 are suspended and arranged under an ergonomic arch designwhich added to the angled folding stands on the back, offer a slightly higher position to create a more comfortable and faster user experience when typing or gaming.

So, as we mentioned at the beginning, as a good gaming peripheral, this keyboard will come accompanied by a backlight system full for all its keys, plus a small strip of light around its entire outer edge. A lighting with 12 different effects, 5 predefined lighting modes for games, and 3 side lighting effects that we can adjust with up to 8 individual colors, 7 brightness levels and movement speed.

Finally, something truly remarkable for a peripheral in this price range is that we will have our own professional software to be able to configure the keyboard to our likingfrom which we can make adjustments such as the creation of macros or the customization of the keys, as well as complete control of the lighting effects.

Availability and price

Although without a doubt one of the biggest attractions of this keyboard lies in its price. And it is that we can currently find the Black Shark Sixgill K2 available through Amazon, at an official price that It will barely reach 49.99 euros.

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