Blade Runner: Free League Announces RPG!

After Dune and Alien, it looks like another great movie franchise is ready to receive its own Role playing game, with Free League who announced today the arrival of Blade Runner: The Roleplaying Game.

Blade Runner RPG is coming

The role-playing game of Blade Runner has been announced through a trailer that, with a background based on synths, shows the artwork that will be present in the basic manual of the game, created by the artist of Tales From The Loop and Things From The Flood, Simon Stålenhag.

There he is:

Unlike what happens in titles like Cyberpunk 2020, the RPG of Blade Runner seems to have a more investigative core game, developed through the game engine of Anno Zero (already successfully exploited by Alien RPG, Tales from the Loop And Forbidden Lands).

Players will take on the role of Blade Runner, solving the mysteries of the streets of Los Angeles in 2037.

The main regulation will pick up history shortly after the Wallace Corporation put the new Nexus-9 replicants on the market. As members of the LAPD’s Rep-Detect Unit, players, as the press release reveals, “They will face impossible choices and find beauty and humanity in the stubborn resilience to keep fighting. Persevere through the pain. To agonize over the itches that you cannot scratch. Doing dubious and extraordinary things, chasing fleeting moments of love, hope and redemption to get lost in time like tears in the rain ”.

“It is important for us to fully capture the Blade Runner experience and themes from all perspectives,” said the game director. Tomas Härenstam. “One of the most fascinating characterizations of Blade Runner is Los Angeles itself, and we want LA to act and react differently based on your character, your specialties and your goals. However, regardless of who you are, you are always first and foremost a Blade Runner – the ultimate outsider who has to walk alone in a complex city and system where everyone could be a threat and no choice is without compromise or consequences. . “

Joe LeFavi, producer of the video game Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition coming with Nightdive Studios, will take on the role of lead writer for the series of manuals that will debut in the universe born with the 1982 film by Ridley Scott.

Waiting for the release of the first basic manual of the Blade Runner role-playing game, which will take place in the course of 2022, we will limit ourselves to dreaming of electric sheep.

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