Blast Premier World Final 2021: Who Can Prevent NAVI from Taking the Next Trophy?

On December 14, a major tournament in the discipline of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Blast Premier World Final 2021 will begin. This tournament will end the season and the year in professional Counter-Strike.

Only the best world’s teams that earned the right to participate in the tournament during the year are among the participants. This tournament will also summarize the results and help to determine the best team of the year. Who is the favorite? Which team can surprise? You will learn about this in this article. And BetSofa bookmaker will help you to place bets on esports. Just skip to the BetSofa Esports section to do this.

Blast Premier World Final 2021: Who Can Prevent NAVI from Taking the Next Trophy?

Tournament Format

The tournament will start on December 14 and will last 5 days. It will be attended by eight clubs that have qualified for the tournament thanks to the achievements they have made this season. Three teams out of eight got a place in the tournament by winning major championships. They are Natus Vincere, Gambit, and Heroic. The rest of the quotas were obtained by the teams that were in the first places of the Blast rating. They are G2, Astralis, Vitality, Team Liquid, and Ninjas in Pyjamas.

The tournament will be held in the Double-elimination playoff format — two defeats for relegation. The opening matches are still unknown, but the venue, which became Copenhagen, is known. Unfortunately, the event will be held without an audience due to the epidemiological situation in an offline format. The prize will be $ 1 million, the champion will receive $ 500 thousand.

Who is a Potential Winner?

The following teams will participate in the esports battle cs:go and are among potential winners:

  • Natus Vincere is the best team in the world and the main favorite of the tournament.
  • Vitality – the second best team in the world, and the club that has already had an attempt to beat the current champion.
  • Astralis – the Danish club can be considered one of the favorites. The team changed its participants and, almost without training, took third place at the Blast Premier Full Final 2021, showing an incredible level of game.
  • Team Liquid – it is expected that the team will play actively and take risks.
Blast Premier World Final 2021: Who Can Prevent NAVI from Taking the Next Trophy?


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