Blood Sword: the project was funded on Kickstarter!

Blood Sword, a historic series of game-books from the 1980s, is about to become a setting manual for Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition and the project, recently landed on Kickstarter, has already been funded!

Blood Sword, born from the collaboration between Tamboo, Librarsi editions is Meningi workshop, features a content-packed Kickstarter: setting manual, custom dice, GM screen, maps, and more! In short, all that remains is to immerse yourself in the dark and lethal atmospheres of the game.

Blood Sword lands on Kickstarter and is a success!

The Blood Sword manual has already been funded on Kickstarter and, by joining the project, you will also receive many other content created ad hoc such as maps officers, lo GM screen, the deck of cards, the exclusive leather cover for the manual and all digital documents that will be unlocked with the stretch goals.

The manual of Blood Sword will count approx 250 color pages richly illustrated with maps, characters, opponents, monsters and other evocative images of Legend, a land of adventurers threatened by unspeakable horrors. Inside you will find: a general description of Legend, new options for the four classes by Blood Sword, 8 new archetypes, new backgrounds, unique talents and magical items, and new setting rules detailed, such as Virtue and the Fears, L’Psychic Exhaustion, the Rude Magic and Blood Dice.

Blood Sword is the sword of life, the only weapon capable of opposing the power of the evil Wizards of Krarth who threaten the Lands of Legend. Your mission is to recover the fragments to put an end to the looming evil, but you will have to face the inhospitable kingdom of Wyrd, labyrinths full of traps, frightening creatures and enemies of all kinds. You will receive neither help nor any pity, since you have never had any for your enemies; you are nothing more than a pack of mercenaries and fanatics, surviving the worst battles through ferocity or cunning. Yet you have been chosen to succeed where the heroes have failed: a painful and dangerous path awaits you, you will make decisive decisions at every crossroads and your audacity will be severely tested.

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