Bluejacking: this is how they can hack your equipment via Bluetooth

What is Bluejacking?

The term Bluejacking refers to an attack that will put the proper functioning of a connection at risk Bluetooth. It basically means that a person, an intruder, is going to be able to send a message to another person without their consent, using this wireless network technology.

If your device is compatible with Bluetooth, it is activated and also in the range of another person, who would be the attacker, you can be a victim of Bluejacking. The attacker will detect that computer and could Send a message to the victim. What it does is exploit a function that this technology has and that allows a message to be sent to a device as long as it is in range.

Keep in mind that Bluetooth works normally at 10-15 meters. Beyond that, it is difficult for them to work, so do not expect anyone to attack you while you are at home, since it would be very rare for them to have access to your device. But it is much more common for this to happen in a crowded place, such as a shopping center, for example.

Therefore, Bluejacking is how the fact of send unauthorized messages via Bluetooth. For example, an intruder could send it to our mobile. This also includes images or files. In addition, these messages will be anonymous since only the device model and the name that the attacker wanted to give will be shown. It will not show the phone number, or any personal data.

It is usually a harmless attack

Is it really a major security attack? The truth is that it is usually a harmless attack. Unlike other problems that we can suffer with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi networks and our devices in general, it is not a threat that by itself can pose a significant problem for security and privacy.

At the end of the day, all a would-be intruder is going to do is Send a message. We are going to see the content that it sends to the phone, but nothing more. It is not entering our mobile, nor is it sneaking malware or stealing passwords as it could happen with a Phishing attack by email or SMS, for example.

Although more convoluted than other attacks, with this method a possible intruder could send us a message that leads us to do something that puts our security and privacy at risk. For example, inviting us to access a web page that is actually a fraud. Also, even through an image that you send us, it could contain some text that, in the same way, invites us to enter a site that is actually a fraud.

It is at that moment, when we enter a malicious page, where they could steal our data and compromise the security of the system. For example if we download any malicious file or if we put any personal data.

Vulnerable Bluetooth Devices

What to do to avoid it

How can we avoid being victims of Bluejacking? Although it is generally something harmless and does not pose a real problem for security, it is important to take into account some tips to avoid receiving messages that we do not want. At least to avoid the possible annoyance that this will cause.

Turn off Bluetooth when not in use

The first tip is don’t keep bluetooth on beyond what is necessary. It is a technology that we can use to link headphones, exchange files with other devices, etc. But once we have stopped using it, it is not such a good idea to leave it always on, since it will be available to anyone.

Therefore, our recommendation is have it off and only turn it on when you are really going to use it. In addition, this will also help save battery power. If you have it on, it will constantly be sending and receiving data as it searches for possible devices to sync with.

Keep in mind that many current mobiles are already configured by default to turn off Bluetooth as soon as a period of time passes without using it. This helps prevent a Bluejacking attack and also other even more serious issues that could affect the device without our knowledge.

Be careful with the text we receive

Have you received a text message via Bluetooth and you don’t really know who sent it? Be careful and analyze it well. Maybe you just received it in error, for example if someone sent it thinking it’s someone else’s device. But it may be a trap.

Beyond the annoyance, that message could contain a text that invites you to enter a web page that would be a significant security problem. Never go to those websites or download files that might invite you to download. That way they could put your safety at risk.

Always update device

To have devices updated is always important. It is not only in order to avoid security problems, but also to ensure optimal operation. Therefore, another recommendation is that you always update the device you use via Bluetooth, as well as the drivers.

This will help correct some vulnerabilities that can be exploited, not only for a Bluejacking attack but also for many other techniques that could be used against you without you realizing it and that could be a very serious problem.

In short, as you have seen, Bluejacking is a technique in which they use Bluetooth to send messages anonymously to a device. It can be sent by anyone as long as they are within the range of the signal, which is usually no more than a few tens of meters. Although it is not a very serious security problem, as other attacks are, it is advisable to take precautions and thus prevent our data from being compromised.

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