BMW chooses EverFlex Data Services Solutions from Hitachi Vantara to move to hybrid cloud

The BMW group you have selected the solution EverFlex Data Services Solutions, from Hitachi Vantarawith the objective of accelerate your journey to hybrid cloud. This has led the group to choose Hitachi Vantara, a provider of digital infrastructure, data and analytics management tools, and digital solutions; and subsidiary of Hitachi, as one of its main partners in enterprise cloud storage, as well as in data management, for the next six years.

EverFlex’s latest Storage-as-a-Service solutions will therefore automate and simplify the management of the BMW Group’s IT infrastructure to more robustly maintain the reliability of its mission-critical operations. In addition, BMW will also feature new data management functions, which will help move BMW towards the hybrid cloud.

The consumption-based model of the EverFlex portfolio of infrastructure-as-a-service solutions adapts to where companies are in their transition to hybrid cloud. EverFlex enables companies to scale their data management and digital infrastructure up or down as needed to accelerate innovation and deliver highly reliable production.

Hitachi Vantara has been supporting the BMW Group since 2012 with its Storage-as-a-Service solution, and this new deployment will enable them to leave a smaller carbon footprint as well as significantly reduce energy consumption. These changes will reduce the group’s CO2 emissions, and help the BMW Group save on energy costs.

As the BMW Group accelerates its move to the hybrid cloud, they will increasingly use the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) 5600 enterprise storage arrays, which guarantee 100% availability for easy management of analytics and mission critical workloads with very low latency. Hitachi Vantara will support the BMW Group in 10 key countries, including Germany, China, the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom.

Daniel Dalle Carbonare, Vice President, Global Platinum Accounts, Hitachi Vantarahas recalled that «For nearly a decade, Hitachi has consistently provided exceptional quality of service to support the core operations of the BMW Group. We are proud that the BMW Group has once again trusted us as its technology and service partner for the next six years. With the most powerful and flexible storage and services on the market, no matter how data volumes evolve – the BMW Group is ready!»

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