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We end yet another Sunday with a new review of the best content of the week that we have published in MuyPymes. In each headline you will find a link that will take you directly to the original article.

As always, we take this opportunity to wish you A good start to the week.

  • How ecological paper is made: Spanish companies that use it.
  • How logistics and ‘fulfillment’ allow the growth of Spanish ecommerce.
  • The vending says ‘goodbye’ to cash payment and is digitized.
  • Free market versus regulated market: what is the cheapest electricity rate?
  • Apple explains why Stage Manager is exclusive to iPads with SoC M1.
  • Dynabook Mobile Secure Client, a solution to facilitate hybrid working.
  • The ‘death’ of the traditional programming profession is getting closer.
  • The current insolvency moratorium ends: what happens now?
  • CIO 2022 Study: Participate in our study on digital transformation.
  • Translation is essential for the internationalization of SMEs.
  • Getac X600, a workstation capable of facing any challenge.
  • Epson will present its new SCARA robots and new software.
  • The retail sector needs to commit to new monitoring solutions.
  • Conversion of premises into homes, a business on the rise throughout Europe.
  • Nearly half of consumers don’t trust content on social media.
  • Logitech introduces the Signature MK650 and MX Keys Mini for Business.
  • Synology presents its new DVA162 solution for SMEs and small businesses.
  • Free ebook, “Technology for telecommuting: VPN, VDI or DaaS?”
  • Microsoft launches a new Windows 11 Validation OS, you can get it now.
  • Microsoft presents Viva Sales and promises a renewed user experience.
  • Less than 20% of Spanish tourist businesses offer VAT refunds.
  • Google for Startups closed 2021 creating 840 jobs.
  • D-Link introduces a new Wi-Fi 6 range extender with EasyMesh.
  • 80% of Spanish catering companies expect to grow this year.

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