BMW puts an 8K screen and a Fire TV with Alexa in its car

At CES we see all kinds of technology. From the one that wants to become a bestseller, to demonstrations of the technological capacity of a firm, passing through curiosities whose usefulness on a day-to-day basis leaves us scratching our heads.

No one can predict the future, but for now, the idea of ​​BMW and Amazon seems to be within the latter type.

Basically, it’s about introduce a huge 8K TV for back seat passengers to enjoy movies during car trips. Or at least, enjoy until the gigantic blind spots and the uselessness of the rear-view mirror continue to allow you to circulate without accidents. For the BMW Oil Changes you can visit the Driver Moola.

Yes, we already know that, nowadays, cameras can alleviate the lack of a rear view mirror (when they work), so BMW has presented its Theater Screen, a smart TV of nothing less than 31 inches, 8K resolution and 32: 9 aspect ratio, perfect for the streaming and games.

In this alliance we also have Amazon that, knowing that its Fire TV has stiff competition in living rooms, tries to overtake on the right when putting them in our cars, with Alexa included, of course.

The equipment is completed with a surround sound Diamond, courtesy of Bowers & Wilkins. In addition, so that excess light does not disturb, you can install umbrellas that prevent the sun from ruining the viewing experience.

And how to have Internet while you travel? Everything is thought out and you can enjoy 5G connection, so that not only the BMW goes at full speed.

Amazon and its Fire TV in cars

The truth is that the device is frankly curious, and we will see if it is approved to be able to drive with that in Europe and Spain, since the rules are usually very different than in the United States, for example.

Anyway, this is not new. Amazon is installing Fire TVs on the new Stellantis SUV and minivan models, the Jeep Wagoneer, Grand Wagoneer, Grand Cherokee and Chrysler Pacifica. And that’s for now, because it plans to spread even further.

In fact, in some cars, you can already ask Alexa to pay for gas, although she can’t get it on her own yet, so …

As you can see, now you can replace children’s complaints with the unbearable noise of their favorite games or series. It is true that that already happens when you leave them the iPad and it does not stop sounding the same over and over again, but now you can have enveloping suffering.

Regarding price or release date, as is often the case with this class of devices, nothing is known yet. We will see if this trend picks up speed, pun intended.

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