Bombshell! PS5 with a 100 euro discount on Aliexpress for Cyber ​​Monday

Since its launch a little over 2 years ago, the stock of the Sony PS5 It has always been conspicuous by its absence, and even today it is still difficult -and very expensive- to get hold of one of these new consoles. However, today you will have the opportunity to buy a SONY PS5 in a very interesting pack, and also with a €100 discount thanks to the cyber monday in aliexpress. We tell you how below.

Until now, buying a PS5 has been an almost impossible mission for most users, and in fact, because of this lack of stock, many scams have occurred and many resellers have appeared on second-hand buying and selling websites seeking to make a profit. . However, the Aliexpress PS5 that we are going to talk about not only has stock (although with limited units, be careful!), but also comes with delivery in Spain in just 5 days with express courier ASM.

The PS5 on Aliexpress much cheaper for a limited time!

Percentage-wise, the offer may not be too significant (it’s 12% more or less), but it certainly save you 100 Euros in the purchase is not something to be overlooked, right? Of course, fortunately or unfortunately the model they have on offer is the one that has a disc playerand actually comes with two DualSense controllers and with three games: NBA 2K23, Gran Turismo 7 and Ratchet & Clank: A Dimension Apart.

As an added gift, a download code coupon is also included to receive 10,000 VC (in-game currency) in NBA 2K23.

Normally, this pack is priced at €849.95, but during Cyber ​​Monday you will be able to buy it with a €100 discount if you use the discount code BFES100 during the purchase process, leaving it at €749.95. Of course, you must be quick if you want to buy the console because the offer is not only for a limited time, but also the discount coupon that we are giving you here has a limited number of uses, only for the fastest!

As we said, this offer has limited units and the discount code also has a limited number of uses, so you should hurry if you really want a PS5 at this price (remember that, although it seems quite expensive, it really isn’t). It is because it includes 3 physical games and two DualSense controls; buying this pack in Spain would cost you €850).

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