Boost Business Productivity with Employee Monitoring Tool


Are your employees wasting time? How much time does your teamwork on a project? How would you boost your business productivity?

Let’s get this article a read to find all these answers.

Employee monitoring software is the best option to make a quick check; it gives business owners and employees insight into using technology to boost business productivity. For example, you can check how much time was spent on each project and what sort of applications and websites employees visited through employee monitoring.

What is Employee monitoring and its needs?

Businesses monitor employees’ activity to increase their productivity by checking employee engagement in corporate projects.


The world is so changed today as it was a couple of years ago. The current pandemic has forced businesses to make drastic changes to their workplace, so is employee monitoring. Complicated and time-consuming methods of employee monitoring are no longer helpful as we have online employee monitoring tools now. If you have a remote team, you can’t simply walk over to your employees to monitor what they’re working on. The best employee monitoring software provides the smartest and easiest alternative to this.

Employee monitoring tools are now the basic need of every corporate agency. It has many important purposes, such as

  1. To Avoid Internal Theft.
  2. Increase Employee Productivity.
  3. Examine Company Resources.
  4. Monitor Apps and Sites.
  5. Monitor Emails.
  6. Improve Time management.
  7. Track Activity Reports.

Avoid Internal Theft:

The unfaithful employees of the company can share or leak information, it could be done intentionally or accidentally. Data loss or theft can cause a financial burden on the company. To avoid this risk, employee monitoring is a helpful tool to secure important information.

Increase Productivity of Employees:

How productive are your employees? How many hours are they consuming on a project? Employee monitoring can measure it correctly and helps you to increase employee productivity.

Examine Company Resources:

Company resources should be used legally. However, to monitor the unnecessary use of resources, monitoring employee software is helpful.

Monitor Apps and Sites:

By analyzing employees’ app or site usage, you can find how they spend their time by using these apps. For example, are they helpful for them or not? In addition, you can find which app is useful or which app is unnecessary for your business.

Monitor Emails:

Monitoring work emails can prevent you from any harm that can lead you to downsize or financial burdens.

Improve Time Management:

Measuring how much time an employee consumes on a single project can help you and your employees in time managing.

Activity Reports:

Reports are always helpful in maintaining the individual or mutual performances. Time-consuming, productivity reports, screen monitoring and everything can be reported to avoid unethical situations.

Many other valuable tasks can be performed by employee monitoring apps or software.

Unlike everything, it has some pros and cons too:

Pros of Employee Monitoring Tool

  • Less time wastage.
  • Boost employee productivity.
  • Attentive working team.
  • Performance appraisal.

Cons of Employee Monitoring Tool

  • Lack of privacy and trust.
  • Increase in work-related stress.

Top Three Employee Monitoring Apps

Some organizations provide smartphones, laptops, or tablets to their employees for work. They install a cell phone tracking app that is helpful to monitor the mobile activities of their employees. A cell phone tracker is used to monitor if the team is working properly.

Some salesmen have to visit other sites; by employee monitoring app, you can track their GPS locations. You can remotely monitor your team. PC monitoring is an important tool that is a part of employee monitoring. A tip for better employee monitoring is to communicate properly with your employees.

Most staff work from computers now. So, you can use an employee monitoring tool to check out if workers are working or spending time surfing and scrolling social media platforms. A cell phone tracker can be useful for it.

Mobile tracker can also monitor an employee’s browsing history, call records, spy cameras, and internet and app usage. By this, you do not have to walk around the office to see if your employees are working. You can manage a remote workforce simply. Employee monitoring is not only for spying, but it is useful for security reasons and productivity increases.

 Three leading employee monitoring software are mentioned below:

  1. Hubstaff PC Monitoring
  2. Time doctor PC Monitoring
  3. TheWiSpy Android App


Hubstaff is a real-time software that is designed for employee tracking. It is intended for PC monitoring. It has some specifications that are given below:


  • Productivity Measurements

Creating and assigning tasks in Hubstaff so everyone will know their task and its due date. In addition, you can set performance and hours goals for your projects.

  • Employee Monitoring

Hubstaff creates time leads for every project that helps you in completing your tasks on time.

  • Online Timesheets

You can review and change the timesheets in Hubstaff manually if you forget to start timers.

  • Geofencing

It helps in tracking the locations and nearby visits of your employees.

  • Employee Scheduling

Make the scheduling easier by jotting down the repeat shifts of your employees, if any.

  • Online Invoicing

It helps you in automatic invoicing for paying quickly.


  • Desk Starter > $07.00

The basic plan has some common features in it.

  • Desk Pro > $10.00

It has some exceptional features that help in employee monitoring more efficiently.

  • Enterprise > $20.00

It includes all the Desk Starter, and Desk Pro features with VIP support.


  • Affordable
  • Flexible
  • Transparent


Another best employee monitoring software is TimeDoctor which is also designed for PC monitoring. This employee monitoring software helps you in:

  • Discovering employee performance.

You can instantly check attendances, track employee time and create timesheets.

  • Boost Productivity.

It can boost your productivity through timesheets and getting updates of the actual timesheets.

  • Encourage your team.

It encourages your employees to work more efficiently by giving them notes.

  •   Taking screenshots of your employees’ screens.

Set optional screenshots to see what’s being worked in working hours.

  • Mostly used app or website.

It allows you to check what apps and websites are being used or whether they are worth using or not.

  • Create Payroll

You can simply track time payrolls and preferable programs.

And so much more. Its prices are:


  • Basic > $7.00 per month

It includes all basic features such as time tracking, task projects, etc.

  • Standard > $10.00 per month

It includes activity tracking and track apps and URLs.

  • Premium > $20.00 per month

It includes payroll, clients login access, VIP support.

TheWiSpy Android App

The 3rd or topmost Spy app for Android is TheWiSpy. The Wi Spy is best known for employee monitoring because of its excellent performance and over 30 tracking features. It is the best app to monitor and spy android devices that you can use to monitor mobile phones remotely. In addition, you can fetch information or monitor online through TheWiSpy.

TheWiSpy offers unique features to its users. Let’s find the best features for employee monitoring,


Call monitoring:

Call monitoring is the most crucial tracking feature for employee monitoring. TheWiSpy allows you to access call log history along with other details. For example, you can view contact details, call duration, consistency, and time stamps.

Messages monitoring:

You can use the app to track the mobile phone, read chats, get contact details, and even block contacts remotely.

GPS tracking:

It is a very useful feature for employee monitoring that TheWiSpy offers. It permits you to track the live locations of your target.

Social media tracking:

Using a mobile tracker app, you can spy on all social media accounts. It will provide you access to the messages, calls, and ongoing activity on the feeds of social apps. In addition, you can block accounts on these apps to avoid the assault.

Web browser tracking:

The web browser of an employee needs to be looked over. TheWiSpy offers web browser tracking where you can watch the history of the browser and more.

Surround recordings:

You can listen to whatever is stored on your target’s device. In addition, you can listen to phone surrounding remotely.

Camera spy:

The user can secretly capture pictures through the dashboard. The images can be downloaded from the online portal or viewed whenever you want.

WhatsApp spy:

You can read WhatsApp conversation of the targeted device with best WhatsApp spy app for android phones.


Every android service provider supports TheWiSpy.

TheWiSpy cell phone tracking app is highly compatible with all android devices.


      It offers three packages for Android monitoring.


  • The 1-month license is for $19.99.


  • The 1 month license is for $29.99.


  • The 1-month license is for $49.99.

How to choose the Best Employee Monitoring Tool or Software?

Don’t rush! While choosing the employee monitoring app, you must check the following features whether it offers:

  • Time tracking.
  • Simplified payroll.
  • Schedules and shifts.
  • Time wastage alerts.
  • Productivity reports.
  • Enhanced monitoring.
  • App and website usage.


While concluding this article, we hope that it has been insightful for you. If you have employees who waste their time during office hours, or your productivity is not increasing, then here is your solution. You can get this employee tracking software and best spy apps for android phones at affordable prices and keep an eye on every digital activity on the PC and Mobile phones.

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