Top 3 spy apps for tracking WhatsApp in 2021

Whatsapp is a leading social communication app that offers to message, calling, and data sharing services. It is famous for providing quick and affordable services for communication to its users around the globe. You need a smartphone and internet to use WhatsApp; that’s how easy it is to use. These types of apps have made connecting with people easier.

It has a perk and drawback at the same time. For example, you can talk to your friends easily even if they’re miles away in another part of the world. But it gives strangers the right to harass people, especially young children. So you as a parent should be aware of the WhatsApp activity of your kids to ensure they’re safe.

The ideal approach to spy on kids is that you use WhatsApp spying apps in 2021. These will help you keep a closer eye on your kids, employees, and life partner while providing remote features. The problem is to find a quality spy app that can deliver trustworthy services. In this article, we will review top apps to track WhatsApp conversations in the world so you can pick them conveniently.

  • TheWispy
  • Flexispy
  • Mspy

These three apps are considered top choice because they have quality services that can fulfill your spy needs. We will discuss them in detail to get a better idea of how the apps work and how they’re better than other cell phone tracker applications of 2021.

1. TheWiSpy

TheWiSpy is a WhatsApp spy app that helps in tracking android smart devices remotely. You wouldn’t find such a feature-rich app in the market because it offers more than 30 advance and remote features.

For example, it helps you read WhatsApp chats, tracks GPS location, spy on multimedia files, and much more. You can install it on any compatible smartphone and fetch online and offline activity information through an online portal. It is a simple application that doesn’t demand high technical knowledge from the user.


TheWiSpy is a compatible WhatsApp spy app that supports almost all android devices. You are required to check the device operating system to ensure that it is updated to the latest version or at least has 4.0 OS.  


You can get TheWiSpy at three affordable prices; not only that, you can expand the time of the subscription with easy-to-use packages. The app needs to be versatile to offer services. TheWiSpy is master in that case; you can get spy services under your budget and needs without wasting a penny.

Standard plan:

First is the standard plan that includes high-standard features to help you, spy. For example, you can monitor call logs, use apps to track WhatsApp messages, track GPS location, record calls, and much more.

  1. One-month subscription:
  • $19.99 only.

2. Three-month subscription:

  • $29.99 only

3. Six-month subscription:

  • $49.99 only

Premium plan:

The premium plan of TheWiSpy offers remote features such as call recording, camera spy, surround recording, app blocking, website blocking, and many more. The plan is for high-level spying, so if you want in-depth cell phone tracker applications of 2021, then the premium plan is quite suitable for you. It comes with three price periods.

1. One-month subscription:

  • $29.99 only

2. Three-month subscription:

  • $49.99 only
3. Six-month subscription:
  • $79.99 only

Platinum plan:

You will get all the features in the platinum plan, including remote, advance, and new ones. If you want to be on top of your child’s mobile phone activity while they use advanced phones, then the platinum plan is perfect for you. It works with the latest mobile functions and provides services without a single glitch. It comes with three price plans, period.

1. One-month subscription:

  • $49.99 only

2. Three-month subscription:

  • $79.99 only

3. Six-month subscription:

  • $119.99 only


· Whatsapp Call monitoring:

You can spy call logs of WhatsApp using TheWispy features. It can show you the calling history of both audio and video calls. It views the details of the caller, duration, and other information. You can block specific contacts using remote functions.

· Message monitoring:

TheWispy provides a message monitoring service to read chats, retrieve deleted messages, and block contacts. You can quickly identify harassers through reading notes, and you can report their contact to ensure they don’t blackmail your kids in the future.

· Multimedia spy:

People share audio and video files, pictures, and other files on WhatsApp. A parent needs to know what content their kids are transferring or receiving from friends and strangers. Sharing nudes and inappropriate content is regular among teens, so you better delete such stuff before it can haunt them in the future.

· Call recording:

You can record calls using the WhatsApp spying app in 2021 while sitting remotely. You can’t possibly keep an eye or listen to someone’s call for spying all day because you can’t be present there every time, so it’s better to use TheWispy for recording calls. With the help of the TWS online portal, you can listen to it later.

Other features:

  • Social media monitoring
  • Keylogger
  • GPS tracking
  • Camera spy
  • Surround recording


  • It offers unlimited rich-features.
  • TheWispy offer easy installation.
  • Quality services at affordable prices.


  • It doesn’t offer a free trial.
  • You can’t use the software for iOS devices.

2. FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy is one of the best apps to track WhatsApp activity on smart devices. It offers different spy features that will help you in smooth monitoring. You can track calls, spy on messages, track location, etc. FlexiSpy is useful if you want to track your child, employees, and even your partners. You can’t expect a quality app with simple functionality, which is the case with FlexiSpy. It is a complex yet compelling WhatsApp spy app.


FlexiSpy works with both Android devices and iOS devices. You need jail-breaking for iOS devices, but in Android, you can install it without it. You can check the OS version of the target phone and compare it with FlexiSpy before installing the application.


FlexiSpy is an expensive application, but the quality results make it worthy. You can get the app subscription in two plans.

Premium plan:

The premium plan of FlexiSpy is available for $68 a month. You can also increase the time stamp of your plan with three-month and 12-month packages indeed with an increase in pricing. 

Extreme plan:

The extreme plan of FlexiSpy is available for $199 for a quarter year. You can get an extreme plan subscription for a year too.


· Read messages:

You can use FlexiSpy apps to track WhatsApp conversations. Using this feature, you can read messages, retrieve deleted messages, and view contact details. In addition, you can block a number if you feel like they’re using your child’s innocence or harassing them.

· Spy on call logs:

FlexiSpy offers call log spying where you can view the history of calls and details of the contacts who’ve called.

· View multimedia:

Kids share and receive multimedia files on WhatsApp, and FlexiSpy provides this feature so you can view them in the app and gallery as well. In addition, you can delete stuff remotely without the target’s knowledge.

3. mSpy

mSpy is one of the trustworthy top cell phone tracker applications of 2021. It allows the user to spy on WhatsApp calls, messages, multimedia, track location, etc. it is the best spy app for parents who want to know the WhatsApp activity of their kids without accessing the phone. Moreover, you can block excessive numbers to avoid problems in the future.


mSpy supports smart devices so that the user can spy on any mobile phone or tablet easily. You can use mSpy for Android and iOS devices, but you need jail-breaking if you want to use it on iOS phones. Without it, you won’t be able to use the app features smoothly.


You can get mSpy subscription is for $29.99 per month and $99.99 for a year in the standard plan.


· Read messages:

You can read WhatsApp messages using the best cell phone tracker applications of 2021. For example, MSpy allows you to read messages, view contact details, and block irrelevant contacts.

· Delete messages:

You can delete messages from remote access using the ultimate WhatsApp delete message feature. Your child won’t have to see disturbing messages because you are in control of their mental peace.

· Call monitoring:

It helps you monitor calls your kid is receiving on WhatsApp. You can view call history, block contacts, and view caller details from your end.


After reviewing these top WhatsApp spying apps in 2021, we have concluded that TheWispy is undoubtedly the best app to track WhatsApp activity. And there are valid reasons for that; it is affordable spying software that offers the same quality services as any expensive spy app.

TheWiSpy is a simple structured app that gives the user the benefit of using it conveniently. Moreover, it offers unlimited features that provide remote services. It is a dream come true of parents and employers over the globe that wants a reliable spy app, and TheWiSpy has everything you can need.

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