Bouygues Telecom and SFR are the kings of price increases in 2021

It has become a bad habit among operators for several years now. The main French operators like Bouygues Telecom or SFR regularly increase the price of their fixed and mobile packages, using the pretext of adding a larger data envelope or something else. In this game, Bouygues Telecom and SFR are the undisputed champions, as revealed by the latest survey of 60 million consumers.

sfr bouygues price increase
Credits: SFR

If you are a regular reader of Phonandroid, you have noticed that not a month goes by without having a new price increase launched on the sly by Bouygues Telecom, SFR or Orange. In early December 2021, RED by SFR subscribers saw their bill climb by € 3, the operator justifying this increase by the addition of a more generous data envelope.

In October 2021, Bouygues Telecom is boosting the amount of mobile data available to its subscribers, as well as the price of the package. Generally, users are notified by email and one month in advance of the introduction of this new offer. But beware of them if they do not take the time to consult it. Indeed, there is a deadline set by the operators to refuse the new formula. If you don’t come forward, you’ll automatically switch to the new deal whether you like it or not.

Millions of subscribers affected by these forced increases

If the practice is morally wrong, it is however completely legal. Indeed, operators can change their price list at will, provided that the price increase is directly linked to an improvement in telecom services, such as a larger envelope of data, unlimited SMS, or the addition of 5G for example. In addition, subscribers must be notified one month before the entry into force of the offer.

Faced with the frequency of these tariff revaluations, the association 60 million consumers decided to investigate and conduct a study of 2,000 subscribers to the main operators and ISPs. “These unsolicited changes to offers affected 27% of ISP customers and 31% of mobile operator customers in the 12 months preceding the survey. They are very frequent at RED by SFR, 63% of its mobile subscribers tell us they have suffered ”, ensures the organization. At SFR, 45% of customers were affected by these successive price increases, while they are 40% at Bouygues Telecom. For its part, Free can boast of not having given in to this fashion with no price increase to report in 2021.

Source: 60 million consumers (monthly January 2022)

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