Bouygues Telecom further increases its mobile prices, but all is well this time

Bouygues Telecom offers certain subscribers to opt for an option which considerably increases their data envelope. Everything is not free: it costs 3 euros per month. Even if it is applied tacitly, it is easier than usual to refuse or terminate this option. Bouygues Telecom therefore continues to impose tariff increases, but the operator offers a little transparency. And the offer is not unattractive.

Regularly, operators try to increase the price of their packages by two or three euros, under the pretext of enriching their offer. You have probably been in this situation: you receive an email telling you that an option will automatically be included in your package, without having asked for anything. And it is relatively difficult to refuse. We have already relayed in our columns certain disguised increases operated at SFR, Orange or Bouygues.

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Here are three examples that took place in 2021. Orange wanted to impose an increase of two euros in February 2021 on certain mobile plans in exchange for a strengthening of the data envelope. SFR attempted in August 2021 to increase the price of its fixed internet packages. An increase of three euros offset by the subscription to an option including unlimited calls from the box to mobiles. Finally, in October 2021, Bouygues Telecom wrapped up a three-euro price increase for its subscribers’ plans with an improvement in their fair use.

Bouygues Telecom increases the price of certain packages for data, but still leaves the choice

This week, Bouygues Telecom contacted some of its subscribers, including the one who posted a screenshot on Twitter from the image below. The operator wanted to make them a proposal: to switch their data plan from 20 GB to 100 GB. Or 5 times more data. Of course, it’s not free: the supplement is charged 3 euros per month. This maneuver, even if it is legal, is considered by some customers of Bouygues Telecom, including the one who relayed the offer on social networks, as forced sale. And it’s true, it looks like it.

bouygues telecom tariff increase against data

Only the price is not dishonest. And unlike the examples cited above, Bouygues Telecom plays transparency here. Indeed, the operator leaves the choice to his customer. A link to refuse the increase is clearly visible in the message. And the customer can cancel this option at any time. Of course, without action from the customer, the option will be automatically activated (and invoiced). But it is offered during the first month. So there is better.

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