Fabula Ultima: Need Games RPG Quickstart Now Available!

If you love JRPG games, you can’t help but be intrigued by Fabula Ultima, the first original branded game Need Games! written by Emanuele Galletto. While waiting for the manual of this new role-playing game to be available, we can start playing right away thanks to Press Start, the Quickstart free in digital format that was recently released by Need Games!

Thanks to the Quickstart we will be able to discover the rules, the atmospheres and the settings of this new RPG with aadventure ready-made, complete with pre-generated characters. In short, we have no excuses: we just have to dive into the world of Fabula Ultima!

Fabula Ultima: here is the Quickstart in digital format

Fabula Ultima is an RPG designed to recreate those wonderful worlds of characters and tales that characterize many Japanese-style role-playing video games, such as the famous series of Final Fantasy, Bravely Default, Kingdom Hearts or titles such as Octopath Traveler and Ni No Kuni. Illustrated by international authors, Fabula Ultima will be produced in Italian and English, ready to go outside the borders of the peninsula, towards the whole world; and the release is scheduled forlast part of 2021.

Fabula Ultima is the tabletop RPG inspired by JRPG, Japanese-style role-playing video games (hence TTJRPG – Tapletop Japanese Role-Playing Game). In Fabula Ultima, epic stories of aspiring heroes and fearsome villains are told, set in fantastic worlds overflowing with magic, beautiful places and unique and bizarre monsters!

Premi Start is the introductory scenario of Fabula Ultima ready to play: a real tutorial to immerse yourself in a story of courage animated by iconic characters, with no need for anything other than the courage to fight for what is dearest to you!

If you are curious about the rules, this RPG uses the Fabula System, an original system inspired by the classic TTJRPG with the addition of the mechanics of the Fabula and Ultima Points.

The manual will be in A5 format and over 300 pages, paperback, with a dust jacket illustrated by the master Moryo and many other original illustrations, in full JRPG style. The manual includes all the rules for playing, creating the world, groups, characters.

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