Brew will arrive in Italian with Ghenos Games

Ghenos Games has announced the arrival of Brew, a board game published in the original language by Pandasurus, in Italian, towards the end of next year.

Let’s find out more about this board game with beautiful cartoon graphics.

Brew will arrive in Italian with Ghenos Games

Brew is a board game for 2 to 4 players, of duration included between 45 and 90 minutes. The author is Stevo Torres, while the graphics sector is edited by Jake Morrison And Andrew Thompson.

In Brew, time is broken, not linear. The seasons exist all and all together, and even the difference between night and day has lost its meaning, rotating with the cycles of the forest. Our task is to restore balance, taking care of the weather, the seasons and the forest lands.

The structure of the game is based on element dice, which can be used to regain control of the seasons (using area control mechanics) or to provide necessities to the village (through a mechanic for placing workers). Only the player who has contributed the most to helping the weather and seasons heal will be declared the winner of Brew.

Brew is coming in Italian, with Ghenos Games (Scythe, Brass: Birmingham), at the end of 2022; we will therefore have to wait a little longer; at least 4 seasons, unless….

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