Businesses want multiple secure clouds, but they don’t protect them

The way we store files has changed a lot in recent years. At the business level we can find a public cloud in which the files would be on the service provider’s equipment. We could also opt for a private cloud to have control of the data and have that server in our work center. In addition, we would have the hybrid cloud that is a combination of public and private. However, now many companies instead of having just one are opting for a multi-cloud strategy. Thus, it becomes important to have essential security solutions like on your side. In this article we are going to see that companies want multiple secure clouds, but do not put enough resources to protect them.

Multiple clouds as a priority by 2022

In a Valitx security report that surveyed more than 200 IT leaders, it revealed that 95% of companies it is moving fast for adopt a multi-cloud strategy. However, we find ourselves with a serious problem, since security in many companies is not up to par. Thanks to this report we are going to know the decisions and challenges for which the respondents are choosing.

On the other hand, only 54% I know feel very safe to have the tools or skills you need to execute this multicloud strategy. Another interesting tidbit is that these IT leaders when it comes to multi-cloud operations overall, 76% of respondents believe they are underinvested in their own organizations. You may be interested in knowing how to turn your computer into a private cloud.

Security when we have multiple clouds

The report from the security company Valix found that the 51% of respondents were reluctant to move to multiple clouds due to complexities what does it mean cybersecurity. In addition, 92% of these IT leaders estimate that at some point in the growth of their organization it will require its implementation. Furthermore, 82% feel that the complexities of implementing and managing multi-cloud security have also slowed down their business agility.

As commented Douglas murray, CEO of Valtix, IT leaders are entering 2022 into a precarious state when it comes to multi-cloud security. The problem is that they do not have enough funds and, furthermore, they are poorly trained or inefficient in executing their security. The reality is that managing multiple cloud providers multiplies hazards, work, and staff. In addition, Douglas Murray adds that they will become increasingly important in 2022, and that companies should search the best solutions to implement security policy and visibility of multiple clouds. Here are some practical tips to avoid being robbed in the cloud.

Other important things

Another fact to mention is that the 62% of organizations they already use multiple clouds. On the other hand, the 84% who still do not use multiple clouds expect to be ready within two years. On the positive side, 83% of businesses are going to have an additional budget for multi-cloud security in 2022 with an average increase of 47% of their budgets in this area.

A worrying fact is that 67% of companies recognize that their workers are poorly trained in what multi-cloud security concerns. On the other hand, regarding the use of the cloud public cloud on the part of the companies we only have to:

  • 48% are aware of all application workloads in their public cloud accounts.
  • 55% feel very confident having network or host-based security in place across all of their public cloud accounts and application workloads running there.
  • 89% acknowledge that cloud security is also different from an on-premises approach.

Finally, in terms of application management, 96% of IT leaders commented that his job would easier if they had a view of console to manage your security in multiple clouds.

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