Buy an iPhone saving money: know what refurbished ones look like

What are these types of phones?

Refurbished phones, whether iPhone or any other brand, are those that have not come directly from the factory and therefore are not new, since they have also had a previous owner. However, already difference with second hand that we can find out there, these have been set upto ensure that its operation is the best possible.

That is, if they have had any damage to the screen or battery, these components have been changed so that they are fully functional again and the person who buys them can enjoy quality components and a better user experience. In addition, an additional guarantee is usually offered, so in a way it is as if you were buying a new device.

Advantages of buying an iPhone like this

The main benefit of these devices we have already mentioned before and is that they are cheaper than when you buy new and maybe even more than those that are sold second-hand. In addition to that you will have the assurance that the phones are fully functional and that you will include a warranty as if you were buying them new.

The fact that they are not 100% new is quite offset by those three main advantages that, at least in our opinion, are very important. And while it is true that the second-hand market is also very attractive, you must take into account the risks involved because in the end you are buying from strangers with whom you will also not get any type of guarantee, so stores specialized in reconditioned devices they always end up being the best choice.

Where can they be bought?

There are many stores that offer devices of this type, although there are some that offer more interesting options such as CertiDeal, a store with which in addition to collaborating we have been clients and we can give good faith that its operation is very good as well as its catalog of reconditioned iPhones.


At CertiDeal there is a team of professionals who are in charge of fine-tuning the iPhone and perform performance tests that guarantee that they are devices suitable for use and enjoyment practically as if they were fresh from the factory. Also offer extremely competitive prices with respect to the new ones and with those that also have the detail of offering greater discounts if the terminal in question has any brand of use, no matter how small, causing it to oscillate discount between 30% and 70%.

It should be noted that they have different iPhone models, with different colors and capacities. They even have AirPods in its catalog with similar conditions, although if we focus again on smartphones is where we find more interesting options. For example, when buying it, you can choose an option in which iPhone + protective glass + screen is includedat a price not much higher than if you buy only the smartphone.

iphone certideal

And, of course and how could it be less, they also include accessories such as charging cable and power adapter. All this in an ecological packaging in which the devices also arrive very well protected to the customer.

In any case, you should know that in the CertiDeal website You will be able to find all the information about the products, their conditions, guarantee and even access to direct contact with their team to resolve any questions that may arise. And, as we mentioned before, we are collaborating with them and we can offer you a additional discount of 15 euros using the code «APPLE» (without quotes), so if you decide to buy one of these iPhone you can save even more money.

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