Can I download and update Windows Defender from the Microsoft Store?

There are many security solutions of these characteristics that we can use in order to protect our data, applications and equipment. In fact, many companies related to all this have been with us for a long time offering their services and protection solutions. But a few years ago Microsoft wanted to enter this important market and with the launch of Windows 10 offered us the aforementioned antivirus.

Keep in mind that Windows Defender is a completely free alternative that is integrated into the operating system and is working from the first minute. we could tell it’s coming included with the Microsoft software license and that way we don’t have to buy other alternative security solutions. With everything and with it there are still many users who distrust what program you see and prefer to use more veteran antiviruses. As we mentioned before, there are many companies that propose their own projects for this purpose.

Windows Defender - vulnerability protection

But we cannot forget that the Windows antivirus also does not stop growing and improving thanks to the updates sent by Redmond. Thanks to all this, we can now say that it is one of the most interesting security alternatives out there. Surely on some occasion many users have wondered if this particular program is available for download and update in the official store of the system, the Microsoft Store.

How to download Windows Defender using the Microsoft Store

As we have mentioned before, here we refer to an antivirus that is pre-installed on the system by default. This means that we can use it as soon as we start Windows to protect our information. Likewise, it is interesting to know that the moment we install another alternative antivirus, the one from Microsoft automatically deactivateseven if it is still installed.

Once we know all this, it doesn’t make much sense for the company itself to allow us to download this software from its official store, since we always have it at our disposal. Therefore, those who wonder about the possibility of download Windows Defender from Microsoft Store, say it’s not available.

It is worth mentioning that if we take a look at the aforementioned Microsoft system store, we find an application called Microsoft Defender Application Guard. But this should not lead us to confusion, since in reality it is not about the antivirus as such. It is actually a plugin of this one that uses a hardware-based protection method of our PC. It works together with the browser that we usually use to prevent access to untrusted websites. For all this we must have the aforementioned security software from Redmond in operation.

From all this we deduce that to use Windows Defender on our computer, we do not need to download it from anywhere. It is enough that we do not install any other additional third-party antivirus on the computer.

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