Can mouse RGB affect motion detection?

For many this question may seem absurd, however, we must start from the basis that an optical mouse uses the lighting on the surface to be able to read it and to be able to triangulate its movement. So that we can come to think that RGB light can affect the performance of our optical mouse. The answer is no, however, for many a simple answer is not enough and that is why we have decided to explain why.

Among the so-called gaming peripherals there is a multitude of them that bring RGB lighting for purely aesthetic reasons. This includes keyboards and mice. We all know that the fact that the keys emit light does not affect its operation. The problem comes when we talk about a conventional mouse. Which by its nature, together with a certain level of ignorance, can make us think that the light emitted by the RGB LEDs can make the measurement more imprecise. In any case, we know that this is false. Although this is due rather to the way in which these input peripherals have been designed.

No, the RGB light of your mouse does not affect its performance

You already know the answer, one thing has nothing to do with the other, but if you want to know the simple answer then you just have to look at the back of the mouse, which is the one that will be in contact with the mouse pad and the table.

As you can see there is not a single RGB light and no other except one. Only the light emitted by the optical sensor so that it can see the surface on which it moves. So when designing a new mouse, what is sought is that other additional lights do not affect reading. This also means that in certain cases, any surface with a high refractive quotient can create additional information that can change the readings and give incorrect results if you use a laser type. It is also not recommended to move the optical mouse across an emissive surface for the same reasons.

Although if the motion sensor is good enough, it will have the ability to avoid incorrect results, it is cheaper to follow a few basic rules. That is why and when you buy a GB mouse and use it, then you will not have problems with its RGB lighting. Since if it were then it wouldn’t work and it wouldn’t stop being a nice paperweight. No manufacturer is interested in creating a product that doesn’t work, because no one would buy it and it would be quickly pulled from stores. Furthermore, no one would seek to distribute it, since it would be a huge headache.

Keep this in mind when printing a case

However, if what you are looking for is to make your own mouse by taking pieces from here and there, on the one hand, and building the case through a 3D printer. Then it is clear that you must make the RGB light of the mouse not affect the optical sensor. Remember, if something works, don’t change it and even more so if it is a general design rule.

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