Can my antivirus protect me from malware?

Surely many of you already know that this is especially evident when we have a computer based on the Microsoft Windows system. The truth is that most attacks and malicious code have been designed for this specific software. One of the main reasons for this is that it is by far the most widely used operating system in the world on desktop computers. That is precisely why the attackers want to focus on this system instead of other more minority ones.

Knowing all this, over the years Microsoft has wanted to offer us its own security solution specially designed for Windows. In this way, in these times, we can use Windows Defender as a protection solution against all types of malware. Despite the fact that we are going to find this antivirus pre-installed in a clean installation of the Microsoft system, that does not mean that we have to use it necessarily.

Similarly we have in possibility to install third-party solutions, after which Defender is automatically disabled. But at the same time, it is worth noting that this antivirus from Microsoft itself is one of the best current solutions, at least for its operating system. But at this point, perhaps many are wondering if the antivirus we have opted for is really going to protect us from all kinds of malware.

To what extent is the antivirus on my PC effective?

Well, this is a good question, so let’s see how this security element can be really effective. Although it cannot be considered the least intrusive software, sometimes it is even annoying, it will always be recommended have an antivirus installed, whatever it is. On this basis, in order for the installed software to really protect us, we must opt ​​for a current solution.

Avira Performance

This means that the antivirus that we select and install must continue to receive official support by its developers. And it is that, as happens with most programs, the updates received are key elements. Moreover, when we refer to antivirus these updates become much more important. We are not only referring to the novelties that may reach the antivirus interface as such. We also talked about the internal database of this software, which is responsible for detecting the most current malicious codes, must be updated at all times.

In this way we ensure to a large extent that our antivirus will work as expected at first. Likewise, and for it to work correctly in order to protect us from malwarewe should leave this antivirus running in the background constantly. Although it consumes some computer resources, the security software will be constantly working to protect us at all times.

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