Can they block me from accessing a website? Learn how to avoid blocking

Although it is not something we see every day, it is possible that you will be blocked from accessing a web page, a game or any online service. This happens for different reasons. Sometimes due to having misused it, due to having a virus on the computer or simply by mistake. In this article we are going to talk about it and we are going to explain what you should do to avoid being blocked while browsing.

Why can they block the IP

But why do you block IP address? When that happens, it is generally because they have breached something. For example, having used cheats in a video game, having tried to access a page many times and they think you are a bot, etc. Basically, what they try to do is block malicious activity or activity that could put your security at risk.

The normal thing is that it happens when a website detects that you are trying to access through automated means or you use an excess of resources. It is a measure of protection against DDoS attacks, for example. Although it is not usual, it can happen simply by updating a web page many times in a row. It can detect that you are a bot and block access for a while.

Also if you violate the terms of service. They can block that IP for a while or even indefinitely. For example, when playing online if you use cheats or are otherwise negatively affecting third parties. What that game or that page does is defend itself by blocking users that may be problematic.

Another reason is because geographic restrictions. Perhaps they block access to people who connect from a certain country or that service is only available in one territory. That will make your IP is blocked and you can not enter, even if you have not done anything wrong.

But sometimes it’s just a specific failure of that page. They mistakenly block your IP address or even if you use an IP that was previously used by another user who was blocked for a reason. This can happen if your operator has assigned a new IP to your connection and it was already blocked before.

What to do to avoid blockages

So what can you do to avoid blockages? Mainly what you should do is avoid making mistakes when using the connection or entering a website, as well as protecting your device. You could have a virus and that is the reason why they block you when entering a page. Check security, always install a good antivirus and keep everything updated so you don’t have problems.

You can also choose to try to change the IP with which you browse. In some cases it is enough to restart the router. To do this you have to keep it off for at least half a minute and then turn it on so that your operator assigns a different address.

But the best of all to avoid blocks and browse with another IP is use a vpn. You will be able to find many options on the Internet. There are both free and paid. You can use them when you connect to Wi-Fi networks and improve privacy, access services from other blocked countries, etc.

Therefore, as you can see, they can block your IP for different reasons. However, you can always use some of the advice that we have given to navigate without problems and bypass those geographic blocks or punctual sanctions that may have been imposed on your IP due to a mistake made.

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