Firefox plans a pack with everything to surf safely

Firefox pack to improve privacy

The Firefox browser already has different services with which we can improve security and privacy. An example is its own VPN, which basically encrypts the connection when we enter the Internet and in this way prevents them from spying on us or stealing data.

Now he plans to create a pack with different products aimed at improving user privacy. This is going to include Mozilla’s VPN, but also other products like Firefox Relay and Firefox Monitor. It will be a subscription package that they will call Mozilla Privacy Pack.

Firefox Relay is a Mozilla service that allows you to improve privacy when using email. With it we can create temporary emails linked to our personal address. In this way we will prevent them from knowing the real e-mail when registering on pages or any platform.

Another service is Firefox Monitor. It is responsible for preventing data leakage and notifies us as soon as a personal account or e-mail address has been leaked on the network. It is an interesting service to always keep security and privacy in order when browsing the Internet.

The third service that is part of the Mozilla Privacy Pack is the VPN. It aims to allow users to browse the network in an encrypted way, hiding the real IP address and personal data. It is an alternative to other programs to be able to search the Internet as if we were in another country, improve privacy and prevent the location from being shown.

Enhanced features not yet available

Users who pay for a subscription for Mozilla VPN will have enhanced features with the possibility of paying for the privacy pack. In this way they can also benefit from Firefox Relay and Firefox Monitor.

At the moment it is a pack that is not available, but it is expected to be in the next months. Mozilla Privacy Pack will be one more tool of the popular browser to offer greater privacy and security to users who use it in their day-to-day browsing.

Keep in mind that it is precisely when browsing the Internet that we can have the greatest problems. For example, entering a Wi-Fi network that is not secure and data is leaked, downloading a malicious file without realizing it, etc. There are many security threats in the network, but we also have many options to be protected.

In short, the new Firefox pack aims to offer greater protection to users when browsing the Internet. At the moment it is under development but it is expected that in a few months it will be available as one more alternative.

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