Car Mechanic Simulator: do you prefer spanners or Km/h?

Car Mechanic Simulator.

Car games are as classic as video games. Practically from the first moment in which arcade machines began to arrive in bars and consoles in homes, in the 70s, we were faced with developments that invited us to run around circuits at full speed. Luckily, over the years that has not been the only task of a title with four-wheeled vehicles, and proof of this is this Car Mechanic Simulator 2021.

Mechanics and nothing else

You might think that this title does not contribute anything that we have not seen before. It is true that some games have come with options for customization, tuning and improvement, even repair, of certain parts of each car, but none have focused exclusively on that area, that of a workshop where we put any model and we can improve it and rebuild it with parts from other brands and origins.

In this Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 It’s not so much about getting the best performance in the world, that our vehicle is the one that runs the fastest, as well as conscientiously repairing everything that arrives at the workshop. And for this we can use practically any special tool and machine of those that we see in our trusted maintenance center. From lifts to balancers, jacks, presses, supports, cranes and whatever.

In Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 the important thing is that we have the same experience as a normal workshop, although focused on making money buying, remodeling and selling what comes into our business. It’s not so much about looking for that jewel in the car as it is about keep the accounts afloat.

Car Mechanic Simulator.

Search auctions and find bargains

The game invites us to search auctions and establishments where they have second-hand cars with different degrees of conservation. There are almost new, others less and some, the biggest bargains, practically destroyed by rust and time. It will be our decision to opt for one or the other, but taking into account that the greater the work, the greater the investment and then no one guarantees that a buyer willing to pay what we ask for will appear.

If you are to watch some programs of DTT themed channels, surely you know how those series work in which cars are completely remodeled with an infinite number of parts and spare parts that end up giving it the luster of appearing to be completely new. So you will need to know the basics of mechanics very well, have taste to choose a good interior finish of colors and materials and, of course, adjust the expenses to obtain the greatest benefit.

Needless to say, although the game takes place practically inside the workshop, We can also go for a drive in the surroundings, especially after a deep repair where we want to see that everything is working smoothly in that car that we are going to auction. Also, this Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 You have it on Steam and until February 9 you can get it with a 35% discount: 13.64 euros compared to the 20.99 that it usually costs.

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